CEOs struggle to execute strategy. Help us change that.

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We’re currently looking for a few selected partners for our strategic initiative software

You’re standing on the edge of a huge opportunity. The timing could not be more perfect. The benefits of a Partnership are immense. You don’t want to miss out.

Advantages for you as a partner

We recognize each Partner’s individual depth of expertise and experience with Howwe, our strategic initiative software and Enterprise Acceleration. That’s we offer a beneficial partnership model where we support our partners throughout the sales and delivery process, which is 100% digital. As a partner, you will experience benefits such as:

Recurring revenue with a SaaS subscription model

Our partners integrate a Monthly Recurring Revenue-model to their existing business with a 12+month standard notice period in contracts. For our best partners, it can mean both a doubling of profit levels and more than a tripling of their company value – with an investment of only 4-5 hours

ROI-based selling to CEO

We give our partners the opportunity to increase their relevance at the CEO-level, and to stay relevant over time, by being strategically most important throughout the execution process. Our sales model is based on relevance and ROI and is backed-up by provable acceleration. By selling directly at CEO-level, the margins exceed the typical management consultancy scope.

Tap into a growing trend

The market demand is exploding but the products are missing. Howwe is the first true Enterprise Acceleration Software and Strategic initiative software and unique in being able to measure and visualize progress connected to financial results.

The SaaS solution is a beneficial addition

A SaaS solution is a great complement to a consultancy business model. Additionally, you as a Partner support the customer throughout the strategy execution. Additionally, there is a 100% digital product and delivery.

Who’s a good fit?


Management consultants

Management consultants with Fortune 1000 customers that already are looking for a digital execution tool, or a strategic initiative software, to ensure progress on what’s most important are a perfect fit!

Execution specialists

If your base is within 4DX, 6Sigma, OKR or a more traditional but execution focused method, but are struggling with your own scalability or length of your engagements – we are a perfect fit!

Strategy consultants

If you work with strategy- performance or transformation consulting and is looking to increase your recurring revenue and share holder value we should meet. Let us show you our strategic initiative software!

Consultant firms

For the own-led consultant firm focusing on BI, data analytics, digitalization or transformation, looking to increase their own company valuation with the addition of MRR in to their business model we are a perfect fit!

The challange we’re here to solve

Leaders struggle to prioritize the most important initiatives Employees don’t know what to focus on,
yet 82% want to contribute.

Executive Team
Mid Management
Team Leaders
Change come fast and often unexpected. With disruption around every corner, it is crucial to adjust and align quickly. Howwe’s strategic initiative software enables a proactive way of working that keeps you on top of your goals, no matter what happens.

Why Execution Fail?

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Fail to narrow down to few, clear prioritizations
0 $
Fail to steer on lead measures driving results and outcome.
0 $
Fail to create accountability and follow-up progress.

There is a need for a digital goal steering tool in order to improve strategy execution by aligning the proactive initiatives.

With Howwe’s strategic initiative software companies are able to align their strategy and workforce, and identify what needs to be prioritized to reach their most important goals.

Return on investment expected on EBIT up to x25 after
12 months of partnership.

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Cloud-based strategy acceleration is here to stay

Our European expansion has exceeded all expectations, and we’ve just started penetrating the market potential. What we see now is just the beginning. This technology is starting to reach the early majority. Soon, every company with 200+ employees will be looking for a system to digitally manage its strategy execution.

We’ll see more disruption and more remote working, even further increasing the need for a more refined system for all mid-large size companies and their complete staff to keep pace and continuity in a fast-changing world.

We’re about to take off. It’s up to you if you want to hold back or join our journey


Howwe is a GrowthOS that enables a proactive way of working that accelerates growth. 

With our Howwe platform, companies are able to align their strategy and workforce and identify what needs to be prioritized to reach their most important goals.


Prioritize & Align

Our method and software help leaders and managers to prioritize the most important goals for growth and align them throughout all levels of the organization. Clarity is key.


Steer & Measure

When the goals are set, we work together to identify activities driving growth, so that leaders can steer and support teams in order to reach their goals. In time.


Commit & Visualize

The leader’s tool to visualize progress and empower all teams to proactively commit to actions and follow up on the outcomes. 15 minutes a week is all it takes.

Contact to explore partnership opportunities


Ulf Arnetz

Founder, CEO Chairman

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SE +46 (0)72 570 50 06
Email: [email protected] 

US, Asia & Europe

Michael Sjödin, Vice president, Howwe Technologies

Michael Sjödin

Senior Vice President Asia

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Per Forslund

President, Co-Founder & Partners Scandinavia

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