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Entrepreneurship for youth

Entrepreneurship For Youth (EFY) was founded by Howwe Technologies in 2016 with the aim of supporting entrepreneurship among young people.

We are convinced that entrepreneurship is increasingly important for social development. New ideas, innovation, and the creation of new jobs all contribute to economic growth.

All funds go directly to young people by sponsoring various kinds of vocational training to help them become future entrepreneurs in Mtwara, Tanzania. The principle is, for every dollar our employees give, Howwe Technologies matches with the same figure.

Last year Howwe Technologies sponsored nine youth that finished four years of vocational training in mechanical engineering, business administration, rural development, electric engineering, and hotel management. Besides this, we have been supporting 26 students with scholarships for secondary school. We also support two pre-school classes with children in two small villages. The children also get a meal during the day.

One of the poorest regions in Tanzania

Mtwara is one of Tanzania’s poorest regions, where 90% of people live without electricity or running water. Going to school is just a dream to them – far from the reality of their daily lives. We are convinced that providing education in these regions will promote independence and opportunity for change.
Reforce will be following these young people and future entrepreneurs with hopes for a better future, something that many of us often take for granted.

The EFY program is locally facilitated by Holmquist Foundation.

For more information about Entrepreneurship For Youth, please contact Per Forslund.