Who we are

Howwe Technologies AB (publ) stands at the forefront of SaaS innovation as the creators of Howwe, the Solution for Growth. With our method and software, we simplify the execution of strategy. Empowering businesses globally, we’re committed to redefining strategy execution and driving sustainable financial growth.


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What we believe

By simplifying the growth journey, Howwe is here to redefine strategy execution.

80 % of company initiatives fail in execution. At the same time, 82% of employees want to know how they can contribute to help their company reach its goals.
See the connection?
We have identified a key pain point in the global market: the complexity of growth. The ambition is not just to offer a solution to this problem, but to fundamentally redefine the prevailing way of achieving growth by successful strategy execution. It implies a deep transformation in how organizations approach and achieve growth.
Our mission resonates a future where growth is not a daunting, intricate challenge but something actionable and simplified.
We never said redefining strategy execution was easy, but we’re committed to our cause.

People sometimes get confused about the name of our solution for growth, but it’s actually quite easy. The name of our product, Howwe®, is the embodiment of our mission – How we redefine strategy execution by simplifying growth.

With Howwe, organizations can finally achieve the success they deserve. Join the movement and help us show the world that reaching goals is within reach.

What are you waiting for?

Howwe is the Solution for Growth. 

With our method and software, we simplify the execution of your strategy.