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Enterprise Execution Software Drives Accelerated Financial Results

The SaaS application Howwe is a new type of business innovation – Enterprise Execution Software for accelerated growth that empowers your organization to execute your strategy and business plan – on time.

It makes your business plan clear and actionable for all levels of the organization, empowering organizations to execute their strategic initiatives and business plans with unparalleled speed.

Say goodbye to lengthy timelines from CEO decisions to organizational alignment and expedited focus on critical activities. With Howwe, you can significantly reduce the time required to achieve strategic goals and fulfill key priorities determined by top leadership.


There is a need for Enterprise Execution Software in order to improve the implementation and execution of the business plan and Howwe® is a CEO-focused platform that represents the next evolution in the intersection of Workflow, OKR, and Strategy Execution management tools.


Introducing Howwe, the unique enterprise execution software developed with a CEO and business-centric perspective. Our platform incorporates over 160,000 consulting hours, providing extensive business expertise to drive accelerated alignment and execution for CEOs. With proactive role-based alerts and AI assistance, users can easily understand the application’s relevance to their roles, maximizing effectiveness. By shortening decision-making timelines and fostering clarity and transparency, we enable measurable progress and improvements in revenue and profit. Experience the power of Howwe ecosystem.

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5 seconds: Are we winning or losing? Immediate overview of your organization’s progress.


The top priority for any team, department, or company.

Each team has a few prioritized MIGs at any time, all of which reinforce the overall company MIG.

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Strategic initiatives


Strategic Initiatives, Focus Areas, or Must-Win Battles – Your Big Bets

As enablers for your company’s Most Important Goals, Strategic Initiatives clarify how you plan to reach your goals.

A feature for the CEO or any other manager to answer the question

“How is our Strategic Initiative going?”


Howwe empowers leaders to proactively plan, prioritize, clarify responsibilities, deadlines, and Definition of Done for all.

Goodbye confusion, hello progress!

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Key Activities Enterprise Execution Software Product enterprise execution software


Enabling the execution of your business plan by breaking it down into Key Activities – high-impact tasks driving your Most Important Goals and Strategic Initiatives.

Key Activities serve as leading measures for lagging Most Important Goals and Strategic Initiatives, maintaining team focus and alignment.


Efficiently and proactively break down your business plan and work towards achieving your MIGs by executing a variety of different Key Activities.

Monitor your team’s achievements every week.

See all activities that will lead your team to achieve its goal in one place.

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Team overview Enterprise Execution Software Product enterprise execution software


A team dashboard where all teams can see their own Most Important Goals, Key Activities, and their weekly progress.

Focuses the team on what matters, how everything ties together, and who is responsible for what and when.

Helps teams to understand that what they do daily truly impacts the success of the company strategy.


The Acceleration Meeting is a short and efficient weekly check-in each week per team to reflect on Key Activities to date and discuss the next actions in pursuit of your MIGs (Most Important Goals).

Acceleration Meetings help teams to take a break from the day-to-day and take time to focus on the long-term strategy by taking concrete and actionable commitments for the upcoming period.

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Howwe Insights is the motor under the hood of Howwe that forever monitors analyze and proactively offers advice to leaders and team members to nudge them towards success.

It is like having an automated performance coach at every level of your organization.


Scalable solution to teach a world-class method for Accelerated Growth.

The fastest way for your teams to align around what’s most important for you.

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Our collected best practices from 10 years and 1000+ teams where you can take a shortcut to what truly works. Learn more.

Digital Transformation Journey: Evolution of Departments and Roles

This timeline showcases the progressive digitalization of departments across different decades, reflecting the transformative impact of technology on business processes. CEOs has, until now, been the missing piece of the digitalization puzzle. Learn more.

The Internet Age Begins

The Sales Department initiated the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, while Operations & Supply Chain began implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


Social Media and Mobility

The Marketing Department implemented digital marketing strategies, including social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Operations & Supply Chain integrated IoT devices and sensors for real-time monitoring and automation. Finance & Accounting adopted cloud-based accounting software. Customer Service implemented Customer Service Management (CSM) platforms for centralized ticketing systems and automation.


BI, Big Data and Cloud Computing

HR Department implemented Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Finance & Accounting utilized cloud computing, big data analytics, and digital payment platforms. Marketing Department adopted marketing automation platforms and data-driven analytics tools. Customer Service incorporated chatbots, AI-powered virtual assistants, and social listening tools. Sales Department utilized big data analytics and cloud-based CRM systems.


AI, IoT, and Digital Transformation

CEO & Enterprise Digital tools for the CEOs to drive change, initiatives, and must-win battles, enhancing organizational performance and navigating the increasingly competitive and fast-paced business landscape enters the market.


Benefits of Enterprise Execution Software

Howwe transforms the strategy (which is typically both complex and too high-level) into role-based goals and connected high-impact key activities making strategy clear and actionable for all. 

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Accelerate growth on all levels of the organization. Steer, accelerate and follow up on those business-critical initiatives, no matter if you are running behind schedule, struggle with getting them to happen fast enough, or need to align them in the organization.

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Align your department towards your most important goals by giving your teams a way to visualize and make true progress.

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Give your team an edge when executing on your strategy and reaching your goals. Create a commitment culture while increasing eNPS.

Strategy is the foundation of any company, yet most strategies fail in execution. Howwe’s enterprise execution software helps you make strategy actionable to all levels of the organization – not just the c-suite. Simply accelerating your strategy.

Perfect timing? No such thing!

There’s no such thing as the perfect timing, that’s why we automated the onboarding journey. With Howwe’s enterprise execution software, you easily get all departments, leaders, and employees on up and running to execute on your strategy within only a matter of weeks. With the implementation of Howwe, alignment and progress become truly achievable, instead of an obscure management buzzword. Getting started in Howwe is easy. Learn how here.

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Goal steering is often associated with endless hours of needless reporting of deviations. With Howwe you are able to digitize your goal steering and make sure that your goals, activities that drive them, and stay relevant with changing circumstances and demands.

Clear picture of your strategy

With Howwe’s enterprise execution software you empower your teams, leaders, and employees to have a clear picture of your strategy. Through Howwe you are able to easily get a visualized overview of all the teams’ progress and finished tasks at a glance in the platform. This empowers all leaders to create focus and accountability within the teams. Transparency is the name of the game.

As a team, it is more often than not difficult to know how to make true progress towards your set goals. The Howwe Way of Working is a clear and straightforward methodology which does not tell you how to do your job, but assists you in finding what is the most important to you and your team.

Tools that will assist you

There is no right or wrong answer in what makes a good leader – it’s usually up to the organization or team in question to answer. In Howwe you will find tools that will assist you in your role as a leader. The Way of Working makes commitment a natural part of your work processes, letting you focus on developing as a leader together with your team.

True engagement

Knowing if your progress is making an impact on a large organizations’ goals is usually hard to determine. The visualization of your teams’, departments’, and organizations’ progress in Howwe’s enterprise execution software makes it crystal clear if you are having an impact or not. This creates true engagement on all levels for the common purpose of creating the value which you all strive to achieve, together.

Benefits on all levels

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  • Accelerate, steer and track execution of what the CEO is measured on
  • Goals achieved in shorter timeline
  • ROI 8-25 X within 12 months
  • Maintained focus on what’s most important
  • Enables quick alignment on all levels
  • Measurable acceleration of growth connected to top and bottom line
  • Managers

  • Enables the team to reach their goals by focusing on the right activities<
  • Support proactive leadership
  • Staying relevant to changing circumstances & demands
  • A culture of commitment
  • Freeing up time from reporting
  • Higher engagement from the employees
  • Making it easy to explain how everyone can contribute
  • Employees

  • Higher involvement in the company’s overarching goals
  • Priorities that create clarity
  • Reduced stress & uncertainty
  • Increased commitment & confidence
  • Visualization of individual contributions to the company’s goals
  • A higher sense of community
  • Significant increase in the eNPS
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