The Assessment tool

Immediately add value for your customers while effectively identifying their pain points 

Assessment is a unique tool to measure potential and estimate their organization’s ability to succeed with their business plan over the next 12 months

The Assessment tool is a great way to assess where your consultancy services are needed and quickly move on to paid consultancy projects with your customer’s CEOs.

Assessment is a set of 30 questions that have been developed based on research by Gartner, McKinsey and data from thousands of teams in the enterprise execution software Howwe.

Based on the answers given by the CEO in a 30-minute meeting, a report is generated that shows what likelihood an organization has to succeed with its financial goals of increased revenue and profit according to the plan and the set timeline. It also identifies what outcome a CEO can expect based on the current organizational structure and the organization’s strengths and development areas in terms of strategy execution.

We use the Assessment tool in our own B2B sales process and have found that the easy-to-use tool immediately adds value for the end customer while effectively identifying their pain points. 

The report will open up several business opportunities for any management consultant to offer your consultancy services. 

We offer Assessment free of charge without any obligations towards us or our enterprise execution software Howwe.

Assessment is a new and free tool developed by Howwe Technologies that helps business leaders to analyze their likelihood of achieving the increase in profit and revenue that they set out in their strategy – on time.

Measure potential and assessment

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