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CEO Forum Fall 2023

How to Close the Execution Gap - Solving the Three Chain Breakers

Have you ever wondered why even the most meticulously designed strategies often encounter obstacles during implementation? In the forum, themed ‘How to Close the Execution Gap – Solving The Three Chain Breakers’, we delved deeply into the most common mistakes that break the chain between strategy and execution.

Attendees were invited to an engaging lecture where we unveiled the “Three Chain Breakers” and charted a course to bridge the implementation gap. Participants were armed with insights to strengthen the execution of their strategies.

Joining us were Klas Franzén, CEO of IKEA Industry Hultsfred, Johan Magnusson, Group CEO at Kährs Group, and Mattias Lindhe, CEO at Orbit One Group. Our guest speakers shared their experiences using Howwe as an effective tool to drive their strategic initiatives and accelerate growth.

CEO Forum Spring 2023

Succeed with your Strategic Initiatives

Many organizations struggle to turn strategic initiatives like digitization, sustainability, and customer focus into reality. Too often, these ideas become buzzwords that never materialize, which can have serious consequences for CEOs, management teams, and leaders who are striving for change and results.

Recognizing this challenge, we have listened to the market and analyzed organizational needs to create an entirely new functionality that enables agile initiative management. For the first time, this new technology empowers CEOs and management teams to decide, anchor, and implement strategic initiatives throughout the organization in a fast, easy, visual, and transparent way, without getting bogged down in operational and event-driven daily work.

At the CEO Forum, we’re excited to showcase this new generation of technology and share how it has helped organizations accelerate growth and drive strategic initiatives. Our expert panel will offer insights into using Howwe as an effective tool to achieve your goals.

CEO Forum Fall 2022

From Strategy to Successful Execution of your Business Plan

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According to the latest research, 85% of all companies have a clearly defined strategy. Still only 20% of all strategic initiatives succeed according to plan and on time. Why is it like that?
We will dive deep into how you can easily and cost-effectively make your business plan actionable at all levels in your organization and at the same time very profitable.

Learn how how you as a CEO or senior leader can transform your strategy into an actionable and profitable business plan in the latest CEO Forum. See the full version here.

CEO Forum Spring 2022

Introducing our next evolution – Actionable Insights

Howwe Technologies is proud to present a new take on the highly popular CEO Forum to provide you with the latest insights on how to accelerate growth. This year, we reveal the first steps of the next evolution – how to use data-driven insights in Howwe for accelerated growth. See here how Howwe works. Imagine all your data in Howwe turned in to actionable insights that you, your leaders, and employees on all levels of the organization can leverage to outcompete your industry peers. Our expert panel shares their experiences of using Howwe Insights to leverage their leadership and accelerate growth on all levels of the organization.

CEO Forum Fall 2021

Pick your path – Accelerated growth and the role of the modern CEO

Are you a C-level executive with an interest in modern leadership, transformation, and acceleration of growth?
Don’t miss the highlights from the latest edition of CEO Forum where more than 300 CEOs participated to explore the role of the modern leader.

Kajsa Hedberg, CEO of St1 Biogas, Jonas Hernborg, CEO of Elitfönster, and Klas Tockling, Vice President of Caverion Sweden, generously share their view on what being a modern leader entail.

The panel of CEOs dives deep into the role of the modern CEO and the senior management team and explores why alignment and commitment in an organization start with leadership. The panel also shares their experiences of using tools like Howwe to facilitate their role as a CEO, in overcoming challenges, and to create growth.

Interviews with selected senior executives from CEO Forum Fall 2021

What is important in the decision-making process within management teams to make necessary changes in time? What are the inner workings of highly effective management teams to focus and prioritize their own time? Why is aligning and implementing change across all layers of the organization so difficult? 

These are some of the questions that were answered by executives interviewed as part of the CEO Forum 2021

What are you waiting for?

Howwe is the Solution for Growth. 

With our method and software, we simplify the execution of your strategy.

CEO Forum Spring 2021

Accelerate Growth in a Disrupted Workplace (SE)

The 5th edition of the CEO Forum is on the topic “Accelerate growth in a disrupted workplace – Executing strategy in the next normal”. The forum, which had more than 230+ attending CEOs, provides practical insights on how you as the CEO can make strategy actionable on all levels of your organization to accelerate growth in a disrupted and remote workplace.

What is the new normal in strategy execution? Our Chief Strategy Officer Johan Grönstedt navigates us through primary disciplines for acceleration and our guest speakers Jonas Hernborg (CEO, Elitfönster), Mikael Sälg (Managing Director, GE Healthcare Sweden), and Lars Schenatz (CEO, Tamro), share their real-life experiences on how they have accelerated growth in a disruptive workplace. 

Watch the highlights or the full forum. 

CEO Forum Fall 2020

Three Disciplines of Acceleration

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How you as the CEO can enable your leaders to leverage three pragmatic practices to accelerate your strategy execution in a disrupted and remote environment. Guest speakers Lars Kry (CEO Sigma), Chris Östlund (CEO Botkyrkabyggen) and Mattias Wärne (CEO Hertz Sweden) shares their real-life experience on how they have leverages the disciplines before and during Covid-19 in an interactive panel discussion.
CEO Forum Fall 2019

How Relentless Execution Accelerates Growth

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How you as the CEO can tap into the unrealized potential of your leaders in order to get relentless execution. This forum provides practical insights on how this enables you as the CEO to rapidly achieve acceleration with proven financial results. Our guest speaker Linus Singelman (CEO Swedbank Pay) shares his experience on how they successfully executed their most important goals, in time.
CEO Forum Asia & US

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Howwe is the Solution for Growth. 

With our method and software, we simplify the execution of your strategy.