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As a market-leading SaaS application, we specialize in providing tailored solutions that drive financial acceleration and promote organizational alignment. Our track record of success is evident across various industries, as demonstrated by the numerous customers who have achieved significant growth by aligning around their Most Important Goals. You’re also welcome to check out some of our customers.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Many of the companies we support within the manufacturing and industrial sector struggle with the implementation of their interdivisional and global transformation projects. Modernization and automation of an often traditional industry are key. With massive organizations, aligning the whole organization and making the business plan actionable on all levels can be challenging but yet so important. This is how Howwe help.


As a market-leading SaaS application, we have extensive experience in supporting specific needs and financial acceleration within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. MSD, Amgen, GE Healthcare, Ambea, are a few examples of customers that have achieved higher alignment within the organization around the strategically most important goals – with accelerated growth as the result.


Howwe is an execution platform that supports retail companies to deliver sustainable financial growth year after year. We know the retail industry and its unique needs and are committed to staying on top of trends in this constantly changing industry. With Howwe as a shared platform, employees get everything they need to steer their focus on results, turn plans into actions across departments from top to bottom and unlock their full potential for growth.

Real Estate

We have a proven record of supporting real estate companies in connecting their business plans to every day operations. A clear way of working supported by our SaaS application Howwe’s software for business plan execution makes it possible for to reach the full potential of any real estate organization.

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