Make your business plan actionable on all levels of the organization and accelerate provable growth. 

Howwe is the market-leading enterprise acceleration software that enables a proactive way of working, empowers the execution of your business plan, and creates guaranteed and measurable financial results. 

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Business plans have a people problem.
And we’re here to fix it.

80% of business plans fail.

At the same time, 82% of employees want to know how they can contribute to help their company reach its goals.

See the connection?

Do you want to improve the user experience of business plan execution on all levels of the organization?

Let’s start with a demo.

Katarina working in Howwe and setting up key activities
Katarina working in Howwe and setting up key activities

Do you want to improve the user experience of strategy execution on all levels of the organization?

Let’s start with a demo.

Howwe accelerate growth

Change come fast and often unexpected. With disruption around every corner, it is crucial to adjust and align quickly. Howwe enables a proactive way of working that keeps you on top of your goals, no matter what happens.

It all starts with the leaders - Accountability
Create efficiency and focus for management

Vertical steering - Speed
Make your goals actionable throughout the entire organization

Horizontal steering - Alignment
Improve cross-functional collabration

5 second rule - Transparency
Visualize progress and identify the Key Activities that are driving the Most Important Goals

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What is a Proactive Way of Working?

Howwe is an operating system for growth. But it’s more than that. It builds on three disciplines of growth that we like to call the Howwe Way of Working. It’s a proven set of practices that have been tested and refined by hundreds of organizations and thousands of teams. And believe us (and our customers) – it’s brilliant in its simplicity.  It will give you a guaranteed and measurable acceleration of growth. You should try it too. 

How can your organization benefit from the Three Disciplines of Acceleration?


Prioritize & Align

Our method and software help leaders and managers to prioritize the most important goals for growth and align them throughout all levels of the organization. Clarity is key.


Steer & Measure

When the goals are set, we work together to identify activities driving growth, so that leaders can steer and support teams in order to reach their goals. In time.


Commit & Visualize

The leader's tool to visualize progress and empower all teams to proactively commit to actions and follow up on the outcomes. 15 minutes a week is all it takes.

A SaaS platform - for the whole organization



Howwe is every modern CEO’s tool to accelerate, steer and track execution of the business plan on all levels of the organization with a maintained focus on what's most important. It makes it possible to succeed with the strategy on time, or even before the deadline. With Howwe, you can feel secure that your company has a work process in place that enables it to set challenging goals, and knowing that the organization knows how to be successful. Visualize progress in real-time and get provable financial results while being perceived as modern and innovative.



Digitize your goal steering and make sure that your team reaches your goals by
focusing on the activities that drive them while staying relevant to changing circumstances and demands. With a proactive way of working, making commitments become a natural part of the work processes, letting you focus on developing as a leader together with your team. 
Howwe is a tool for managers to engage all employees in the change that a strategy often entails. It makes it easy to explain how all employees can contribute. It’s also a much quicker way to reach an economic outcome.



Higher involvement in the company’s overarching goals, leading to reduced stress and increased commitment. Howwe creates a clear link between strategy and how my individual work contributes to achieving the company’s goal. A positive atmosphere arises together with a sense of community when everybody is striving towards the same goals. That’s probably why there is a significant increase in the eNPS among our customers.

Howwe helps organizations to align and execute their strategic priorities - in time.

We help amazing mid-to-large-sized organizations across the globe to accelerate growth. Here are some of them.

 The results of using Howwe? 

Up to 25X ROI

Return on investment in the first 12 months through heavily accelerated financial improvement for our clients.


Guaranteed acceleration of the activities driving growth.

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Katarina working in Howwe and setting up key activities


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Howwe is a market-leading software for strategy acceleration

With Howwe companies are able to align their strategy and workforce and identify what needs to be prioritized to reach their Most Important Goals.