This is a unique journey. Dare to join?

By simplifying the growth journey, Howwe is here to redefine strategy execution

Our mission is to redefine strategy execution. We never said it would be easy, but we’re committed to our cause. Are you?

Our values

We deliver a best-in-class product that enables our clients to accelerate in what they do. In order to achieve this, we need to constantly learn, evolve and explore. Changing how the world works is not a linear process. It’s all about testing new things and daring to challenge the status quo.

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From Complexity to Clarity

Both internally and for our customers, turning complexity into actionable, clear paths is at the heart of our ethos. Each day, we come together to transform complexity into simplicity. It’s more than just a task—it’s our passion. We believe that clarity drives action, and by making things easy and actionable, we foster an environment of efficiency and joy, while fostering growth. 

To our clients, simplicity isn’t just a concept; it’s a promise. We equip them with streamlined tools and insights, crafted to pave a direct path to growth. By cutting through clutter, we empower them to shift their focus from understanding the process to achieving results.

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Shared Wisdom, Collective Growth

In our open environment, every question is a step toward growth and a testament to our belief in collective strength. Inclusivity isn’t just a word for us; it’s our operational blueprint. We embrace a “we” mentality where egos are kept aside. By valuing humility and curiosity, we approach challenges with open minds, thoughtfully exploring solutions where everyone’s ideas are cherished. Together, we don’t just solve problems; we redefine possibilities.

Drawing from our collective expertise and our solution for growth, we empower customers to harness the power of many through collaboration and ensuring they’re ahead of the curve. While we provide the knowledge and platform, true success for our customers arises from effectively uniting their forces and harnessing these assets collectively.

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Dedication to Success

At Howwe Technologies, our unwavering dedication to personal and professional success defines us. Every team member is empowered to contribute, take ownership, and be part of the solution. We challenge the status quo, constantly pushing for excellence and growth.

Every customer feels our dedication. They know they have a partner in Howwe, one that’s genuinely committed to their growth. Every interaction should reinforce our position as the growth enabler, ensuring that the customer’s success mirrors ours.

Meet the Team

Help us redefine strategy execution!

Your background and experience are not the most important. What we care about the most is who you are. It’s your ability to take initiatives, solve problems, achieve results, and have a positive impact on both your customers and high-performance colleagues, that matters.

We’re a passionate team of results-driven and creative tech enthusiasts that truly care about changing how people work to achieve their goals, including ourselves just as much as our customers. We have a pretty unique company culture that we value highly. Ideas are cherished, opinions are valued, individual initiative is encouraged and we love hugs. Being part of the Howwe family will challenge you, and we can assure you it’s a great journey. Check out the open positions at our leading software company.

Open Positions

What’s your speciality?

Get to know the areas of our leading software company and find the right role for you.

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Our skilled commercial team is the engine of the company. With a passion for the art of sales, they introduce the Solution for Growth, Howwe, to CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world.

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Our delivery team plays a crucial role as they are the ones making sure our customers get the best out of Howwe. There’s nothing these skilled peeps don’t know about how to accelerate growth.

Johan Gronstedt working Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company


The masterminds behind the innovation Howwe. The tech team continuously wow everyone by making sure Howwe is top-of-the-line technology, always on top of the latest trends and research and a leading software company.

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Our creative and passionate marketing team could not be more excited about spreading global awareness of the leading software company that is Howwe. It may be a crowded space out there, but Howwe is breaking new ground and there’s nothing stopping us.

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Our finance department cannot be described as anything but the heart of the company. They’re the ones making sure everything runs smoothly for all our customers and every employee.

Benefits of joining our journey

Our benefits reflect our inclusive values and are extended to every employee at our leading software company, regardless of your location or seniority.


We work cross-functionally and help each other out in order to make the best out of every situation. Big or small, professionally or privately. We work and laugh at our leading software company while changing how the world works and rely on you to help bring our values to life.


Our office is a hub of creative energy, offering a special alchemy that comes from team collaboration. Yet we value your individual muse, offering the flexibility to work from alternative spaces when inspiration strikes. Experience the best of both worlds with us.


We want to see you grow. That’s why we encourage you to stretch assignments, try on new challenges and jointly drive your development in everything you do. Change is constant and we want to learn faster than the world around us is changing.


We work hard and we play hard. We always strive to accelerate in everything that we do. We strongly believe a good work-life balance and generous vacation policy is an essential part of that.


We love hanging out together at our leading software company and our annual trip is one of the highlights where we get to do just that. In between trips, we live and laugh during kick-offs.


Sometimes injury or sickness strict. If or when, you can feel safe knowing that you’re covered with a full-on healthcare insurance. If you need a bank loan, we’re happy to set you up with outstanding terms through our partnership with SEB.


We totally adore our HQ office space on Biblioteksgatan 29 at one of Stockholm’s most central locations. Filled with awesome colleagues and everything else you might need to flourish, we make sure you want to spend your days here. Welcome to our leading software company.


Mentorship is an important part of our leadership model. It involves learning and development for both mentors and adapts. We’ve a talented bunch of people that generously support and share experience based on the adapt’s personality, needs and situation.


When you feel good, we fell good. That’s why we encourage a healthy and active lifestyle by offering a generous coverage for what ever sport or self-care activity you prefer.

Meet some of our People

Howwe Technologies has a team with a wide range of skills and expertise. What unites all of us is a passion for what we do.

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Per Forslund

Co-Founder & President

I am grateful to work and lead our entrepreneurial, driven, and professional employees. Together, we’re breaking new ground. Howwe is a completely new type of business innovation unleashing companies and organizations’ full potential for growth. We have a fantastic journey ahead of us as we put our Howwe on the world map.

9 Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Patrik Parnfors

VP Commercial

In my role as Vice President Commercial, I lead two departments within Howwe; Commercial and Large Account. On a daily basis, I work as a Client Partner and take care of our largest customers. The best thing about my job is my fantastic team and constantly being able to support some of the largest companies for better governance and financial results.

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Katarina Bennich

VP | Chief Marketing Officer

I manage the marketing of Howwe and if you ask me, I have the best job in the world. We’re a bunch of talented, driven people that are extremely passionate about changing how the world works.

Helena avatar scaled e1637914121460 Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Helena Feldmann

Head of Customer Success

As Head of Customer Success, my focus is on scalability and client retention, with a big focus on onboarding, a data-driven approach, and efficient processes for support. I love the fast pace of a start-up tech company and the “all hands on deck” attitude everyone at Howwe brings to the table.

3 Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Ulf Arnetz

Founder, CEO & Chairman

I'm a successful entrepreneur who has dedicated many years to “making it happen” with a focus on growth. That's why I founded this company and I'm very proud of the provable impact Howwe creates for our customers and partners globally.

5 1 Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Arvid Cullborg

Vice President, Head of Delivery

My job is to secure that our customers get the best possible support and onboarding to enable them to achieve the transformation they’re looking for. The best part of my job is to witness as they put theory into practice.

6 1 Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Johan Grönstedt

VP | Chief Product Officer

As the Chief Strategy Officer for Howwe, I’m bridging the gap between Business and Tech, pioneering the first wave of technical solutions to unsolved business challenges. I’m a driven optimist who cares deeply about fueling the aspirations of others with the cutting-edge insights to make them possible.

10 Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Stina Åkesson

Vice President, Finance

My job, in addition to keeping track of the numbers, is to assist my completely magical colleagues with advice on law and HR issues. Love my job!

Jenny Carlander e1642156196524 Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Jenny Carlander

Accounting Specialist

I am responsible for ensuring that the accounting is correct, that payments are made, taxes and VAT are reported and that the business controller has the correct information. My team is fantastic and we have fun every day.

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Let us introduce you to the heads of what’s Most Important

These gentlemen know everything there is to know about how to successfully drive business and make sure everyone stays on top of their game on this exciting journey that we’re on. 

Ulf Arnetz is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Howwe Technologies.

Per Forslund is the President and Co-Founder.

Lead Investors

1swdbankroburse mynt Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Swedbank Robur is one of Scandinavia’s largest mutual fund managers with over SEK 1tn of assets under management (AUM) that serves approximately 3.1MM customers in Sweden and 1.1MM in the Baltic Region. Altogether there are approximately 80 investment funds under the Swedbank Robur brand covering all major regions, sectors, and asset classes.

“Tools that help accelerate and measure strategy execution are extremely important to business leaders that want to ensure a good ROI. We believe the tools from Howwe Technologies stand out in this area, and we are very excited to support the company and its entrepreneurs”

– Eric Danckwardt-Lillieström and Kristofer Barrett, managers of the fokus fund at Swedbank Robur

Namnlos design 15 Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Creades is an investment company investing in businesses that have the potential for revaluation and value creation. Creades act as an engaged owner, mainly in smaller and mid-sized listed and unlisted companies in Sweden. Examples of listed investments: Avanza, Lindab, and Addnode. Examples of unlisted investments: Apotea, Inet, Kaching, Röhnisch and Tink.

“Speed and precision in strategy execution is a key distinguishing factor between good and great companies. Even more so in today’s rapidly changing competitive environment. We believe Howwe Technologies is well-positioned to become a global leader within its field”

– John Hedberg, CEO Creades

adrigo logo Career Leading Solution for Growth leading software company

Adrigo is a hedge fund manager which invests in Nordic high-potential stocks, controlling risk while targeting absolute returns. The fund Adrigo Small & Midcap L/S has previously been rewarded the prestigious Hedgeweek European Awards ”Best Emerging Manager Fund – Equity Strategies” and Eurekahedge Global Hedge Fund Awards “Best New European Hedge Fund” based on best performance.

Adrigo is part of East Capital Group, an independent asset management group that comprises several strategies and specialisations, and offers active management solutions in equities, bonds and real estate assets with a clear ESG framework.