The Business Challenge

Navigating the gap between strategy and execution: Why CEOs struggle to achieve their strategic initiatives on time. 

For decades, digitalization has revolutionized business, except for one area: strategic execution led by CEOs. Most digital tools today don’t tackle this crucial aspect, leaving a performance gap. Typically, CEOs face delays from conceptualizing a strategy to its company-wide execution.

Why does this matter? Most CEOs lack specialized software for strategic planning, resulting in only a 52% chance of hitting their business goals within a year. Imagine running finance without accounting software or sales without a CRM; it’s equally inefficient.

Without dedicated digital tools, aligning your organization on key strategies takes too long and only 10% of strategic goals are met on time. These delays are costly and impede measuring real impact on revenue and profit.

The solution? CEOs need digital applications designed for them, to speed up strategy execution and improve overall company performance. It’s not just about meeting targets quicker; it’s about transforming your organization into a proactive and satisfied workforce.