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As a market-leading SaaS application, we have extensive experience in supporting specific needs and financial acceleration within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. MSD, Novo Nordisk, Amgen, GE Healthcare, Ambea, are a few examples of customers that have achieved higher alignment within the organization around the strategically most important goals – with accelerated growth as the result.

Howwe empowers companies to overcome organizational challenges and drive transformational growth

“The challenges facing the healthcare and pharma industries are increasing at a rapid pace. Howwe supports many of the world’s largest healthcare companies, such as MSD, Novo Nordisk, Amgen and GE Healthcare. Using Howwe, our customers achieve both organization-wide transformation and acceleration of financial results. Let me show you what Howwe can do for your organization.”

Patrik Parnfors 1 CEO Forum 211008

Some of ours customers’ ROI

When we say that the results in Howwe are measurable and provable – we mean it. Here are some examples of the return on investment that two of our amazing customers have achieved in their first 12 months of using Howwe’s enterprise execution platform.

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Return on investment
10 Financial Acceleration For Healthcare healthcare
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Return on investment
5 Financial Acceleration For Healthcare healthcare

*Return on investment in the first 12 months calculated on EBIT outcome through heavily accelerated financial improvement

Commitment and alignment in the management team

What is important in the decision-making process within management teams to make necessary changes in time? What are the inner workings of highly effective management teams to focus and prioritize their own time? Why is aligning and implementing change across all layers of the organization is so difficult?

These are some of the questions that Elin C. Larsen, HR DIrector at Novo Nordisk,  answers in this interview about financial acceleration. 

How do you succeed as CEO with the company’s Most Important Goals – on time?

We realized that if we didn’t adjust to the new reality, we wouldn’t stay competitive. However, to dare to be offensive, I needed to be able to measure the result.”That's one of the key success factors to make growth sustainable and how we accelerate growth with Howwe.

Jacob Tellgren Vice President & Head of Nordic and Baltic Region, MSD

We use Howwe as the goal steering tool in our daily work in order to prioritize and focus on the right activities to achieve our budget and our most important financial goals. Howwe has clarified our focus, increased the individual’s responsibility and makes it easier to create a common view and understanding of what is important.

Lars Schenatz CEO, Tamro Sweden

We now have a method and a structure that work and we feel we have a 100% “buy-in” from everyone. We see that the acceleration method has fundamentally changed the way we view how to succeed with strategy execution. We have found a method that works for us and we will continue working according to it and we see it as a part of our everyday operations.

Nils Abel Bonde Managing Director, Novo Nordisk

Why Novo Nordisk is using Howwe

Partnering with Howwe Technologies has been a game-changer for us at Novo Nordisk, allowing us to maintain a strict focus on our important mission. We are pleased to continue this partnership, which has become an integral part of our success.” – Niels Abel Bonde, GM & VP of Novo Nordisk Scandinavia. Read more about the partnership here.

Meet some of our customers

It’s one thing when we say how amazing Howwe and our enterprise platform is. It’s another when our customers say it. Get to know some of our customers and hear them talk about their experiences using Howwe.

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