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We have a proven record of supporting real estate companies in connecting their business plans to every day operations. A clear way of working supported by our SaaS application Howwe’s software for business plan execution makes it possible for to reach the full potential of your organization.

Howwe Empowers Companies to Overcome Organizational Challenges and Drive Transformational Growth

Based on our experience from customers such as Riksbyggen, Mimer, Skebo, Botkyrkabyggen and Uppsalahem we have created a very powerful model where management teams can track the progress of the Key Activities of both investment projects and daily operations. Funneling the energy and commitment of the entire organization on a small number of specific goals is always hard. Our clients have shown not only that it doesn’t have to be hard but also how this can improve the financial results. Contact me and get to know how you can start tomorrow.”

Arvid Cullborg, Vice President - Howwe Technologies

Common challenges

Are transformation initiatives often affected by these challenges? You’re not alone.

Low organizational alignment

Already in the management team, only half of the members share the same top three initiatives as the CEO, meaning that the other half is spending their time and energy driving other priorities. The bigger the organization, the harder it is to achieve a common focus and alignment across all divisions and markets.

Show & Tell reporting

Large companies often steer and evaluate their performance based on real-time results. However, measuring after the fact means that you can only react to what has already happened, without being able to drive change proactively. By implementing proactive initiatives, your organization can shift the focus to the activities that drive change, rather than solely focusing on outcomes. This allows for a more proactive approach to driving change and achieving better results in the long term.

Hard to identify the 'how'

Accelerating growth can be challenging if the individuals responsible for executing your business strategy are unclear about what actions to take. Howwe solves this problem by providing a clear and transparent plan of action that is actionable across all levels of the organization, ensuring that everyone knows what to do and how to do it.

Not equipped to drive change

When you have numerous projects and initiatives in the pipeline, it's easy to lose sight of your objectives. To increase the likelihood of success, it's important to be equipped to drive change before initiating any action. Howwe enables a proactive way of working, engaging everyone in the organization in the change process and ensuring that they are fully involved in achieving the desired outcomes.

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How do you, as the CEO, succeed with your company’s Most Important Goals – in time?

“Howwe enables everyone to contribute towards the strategy. I often compare it with a magnet. We have a number of compass needles and we need to align them in the same way to get the force needed to drive change. That’s one of the key success factors to make growth sustainable and how we accelerate growth with the help of Howwe as a tool.”

Why Helsingborgshem is Working with Howwe

“By partnering with Howwe, we are strengthening our goal management and continuing our journey towards a more digital organization. We believe this will give us increased efficiency and enable better coordination of our goals and efforts


Measurable and proven acceleration of growth

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of our clients succeed in achieving an ROI between 3.5 to 9 (Return on Investment calculated on EBIT)

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of our clients succeed in achieving an ROI between 10 to 25 (Return on Investment calculated on EBIT)

Interview with Riksbyggen – one of Sweden’s largest property managers

Riksbyggen customers are tenant-owner associations, commercial and public property owners. The organization is divided into three business areas, of which property management is the largest. Riksbyggen has about 2,700 employees.

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Eric Stuart
Region Manager, Riksbyggen

Namnlos design 11 Business Plan Execution For Real Estate

Ulf Halvarsson
Chief Financial Officer, Riksbyggen

What challenges did you experience prior you start with strategy acceleration?

Our profit decreased for each year between 2010 to 2014. We wanted to reverse that trend and increase profits relatively much. Bewteen 2010 to 2014, we used external consulting companies and together we developed strategies to reverse the declining profit and improve certain overall KPIs, but “we did not make it happen”.

The problem was that it was not possible to control and measure the strategy execution, and it took us a lot of internal time to coordinate what we, at that time, called strategy execution. We simply did not achieve the strategy’s financial goals, nor did we achieve the internal employee improvements we wanted to create.


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What other customers say about Howwe

I often compare Howwe with a magnet. We have a number of compass needles and we need to align them in the same way to get the force needed to drive change. That's one of the key success factors to make growth sustainable and how we accelerate growth with Howwe.

Kajsa Hedberg CEO at C4 Energy

PayEx uses Howwe as a tool to visualize and break down the most important goals and activities in our business plan. Everyone in the organization knows what to do to contribute to the progress based on their role.

Raymond Klavestad Chief Business Area PayEx Ledger & Factoring/Dept Chief Executive Officer PayEx Sverige AB

We learned the hard way that having too many goals prevents you from doing anything. It's simpler to work with a small number of goals and actually achieve them, that's why I started with the Howwe Way of Working.

Klas Tocklin Vice President, Caverion Sweden

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