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We have extensive experience in supporting enterprise transformation and acceleration of growth for manufacturing and industrial companies with our market-leading SaaS application and enterprise platform Howwe.

Howwe empowers companies to overcome organizational challenges and drive transformational growth

“Many of the companies we support within the manufacturing and industrial sector struggle with the implementation of their interdivisional and global transformation projects.  Modernization and automation of an often traditional industry are key. With massive organizations, aligning the whole organization and making the business plan actionable on all levels is challenging.

Howwe supports many of the world’s largest brands to achieve both organization-wide transformation and acceleration of financial results. Let me show you what Howwe can do for your organization.”

Patrik Parnfors 1 CEO Forum 211008

Common challenges

Are transformation initiatives often affected by these challenges? You’re not alone.

Low organizational alignment

Already in the management team, only half of the members share the same top three initiatives as the CEO, meaning that the other half is spending their time and energy driving other priorities. The bigger the organization, the harder it is to achieve a common focus and alignment across all divisions and markets.

Show & Tell reporting

Companies at large steer and measure performance goals based on results in “real-time”. No matter how much and frequently you measure, you ultimately measure a result of what has already happened. The problem? You can’t reactively drive change. By working with proactive initiatives your organization put focus on the activities that will drive change, not the outcome.

Hard to identify the 'how'

It is difficult to accelerate growth if those who are going to execute your strategy don’t know what to execute. Howwe makes your business plan actionable across all levels of the organization, making the 'how’ clear and transparent.

Not equipped to drive change

With many projects and initiatives in the pipe, it’s easy to lose focus. Making sure you are equipped to drive change before you start executing it will drastically increase the success rate. Howwe creates a proactive way of working, making everyone in your organization involved and engaged in change processes.

The decision-making process within management teams

Watch Andreas Larsson, Group CFO at Kährs Group, discuss the role of the senior management teams in driving change. What are the most common challenges? What is an ideal leadership style? Why is it so difficult to align and implement change across all layers of the organization? And why do so many companies fail with their strategy execution? Listen and find out! 

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Elitfönster Boosts Organizational Alignment and Results with Howwe"

“We use Howwe to steer the organization both vertically and horisontally. Now, we see that the managements priorities reach all the way down in the organization, creating a powerful effect on the results.”

Some of ours customers’ ROI

When we say that the results in Howwe are measurable and provable – we mean it. Here are some examples of the return on investment that two of our amazing customers have achieved in their first 12 months of using Howwe’s enterprise execution platform.

1 *
Return on investment
3 Enterprise Platform Manufacturing Industrial Company
1 *
Return on investment
1 Enterprise Platform Manufacturing Industrial Company

*Return on investment in the first 12 months calculated on EBIT outcome through heavily accelerated financial improvement

How Elitfönster got a ROI of 25x

Elitfönster is Sweden’s largest producer of windows and doors. They use LEAN to optimize their daily steering combined with Howwe’s enterprise execution platform to get the strategical steering and the behavioral change needed to reach their goals and alignment and focus on what’s most important. 

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Meet some of our customers

Are you curious about how Howwe’s enterprise execution platform can benefit your organization? Don’t just take our word for it – hear from our satisfied customers! Discover firsthand how our platform can help you achieve your business goals and transform the way you work.

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What other customers say about Howwe

I often compare Howwe with a magnet. We have a number of compass needles and we need to align them in the same way to get the force needed to drive change. That's one of the key success factors to make growth sustainable and how we accelerate growth with Howwe.

Kajsa Hedberg CEO at C4 Energy

PayEx uses Howwe as a tool to visualize and break down the most important goals and activities in our business plan. Everyone in the organization knows what to do to contribute to the progress based on their role.

Raymond Klavestad Chief Business Area PayEx Ledger & Factoring/Dept Chief Executive Officer PayEx Sverige AB

We learned the hard way that having too many goals prevents you from doing anything. It's simpler to work with a small number of goals and actually achieve them. That's why I started with Howwe and the Howwe Way of Working.

Klas Tocklin Vice President, Caverion Sweden

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