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Howwe is an enterprise software for accelerated growth that empowers organizations to execute their strategy and business plan in time.  Library, the latest addition to the ecosystem surrounding Howwe, is revolutionizing how companies set up their goals and activities based on best practices and proven track records.

Howwe transforms the strategy, which is typically both complex and too high-level into role-based Most Important Goals and connected high-impact Key Activities making the strategy clear and actionable for all. Setting really good Most Important Goals & Key Activities can truly make magic, but the process of getting there could be quite tricky.

The ability to pin down great Most Important Goals and Key Activities is something most companies struggle with. Too often, they end up with way too many and too vague goals and activities, often mixing goals and activities in strategies and business plans. The consequence? 80% of goals fall short in execution. The so often manual process of setting goals and activities is also something that is tremendously time-consuming for companies.

Library is an interactive database with best-practice goals and related activities

Over the years, we have gathered insights from hundreds of companies across multiple industries and verticals – comprising thousands of goals and even more activities for different divisions, functions, departments, and teams. Our database reveals how companies prioritize throughout their organizations, how each goal and activity align to one another, and not least how goals and activities truly perform on a weekly basis.

Howwe’s insights team analyzed all that data to identify the Most Important Goals and Key Activities that have a proven track record on multiple occasions for different industries, companies, and teams. The result is Howwe Library – an interactive database where we narrowed down the thousands of goals and activities to a very few best practice Most Important Goals and Key Activities. Building on something that is typically perceived as a very complex and difficult process, Howwe Library makes goal-setting really simple and user-friendly for all teams.


We have witnessed that successful companies are able to focus more on achieving what’s most important than figuring out what to prioritize and focus on. That’s why we developed Howwe Library – to help more companies set great Most Important Goals and Key Activities in a seamless process for all teams.


A fully digitilized goal-setting process based on a database with a proven track record

All users in Howwe have access to the Library and can browse Most Important Goals interrelating Key Activities that are specifically catered to them at any time. With just a few keystrokes they will have a handful of suggestions that have a proven track record in terms of performance. Additionally, they will be able to learn more about each goal and activity from concise descriptions and definitions that have been provided by a team of experts within the field.

“Goal-setting has never been this easy nor efficient for companies. By fully digitalizing the goal-setting process, users can set up highly qualitative goals and activities and start making progress with Howwe in just a manner of minutes.

Library also unlocks tremendous opportunities for us as a company to further scale our business while we future-proof our ability to provide industry-leading insights that accelerates growth for our customers”, Johan Sundell continues.


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– creating a unique overview of how prioritizations align and perform

Excited to learn more about Library and how Howwe could benefit your organization? Don’t hesitate to reach out and see how it works.

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