Time to accelerate growth?

And we’ve got your back. Our tried and tested onboarding process combines highly efficient digital e-learning with personal coaching from our talented group of Strategy Experts in the touch points that matter most. We won’t let you hanging, that is a promise. Here’s how it works.
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Onboarding in Howwe

  • Howwe experts help the CEO and managers to achieve fast buy-in for the company’s top core priorities: We get your teams to align around what’s most important fast
  • Howwe Academy with digital courses allows a scalable solution to teach a world-class method for Accelerated Growth to a large number of teams
  • Proactive and personal coaching from our expert delivery team for 6 months available in all Howwe implementations
  • Proactive and on-demand help from our Customer Success Team always included beyond 6 months
  • Teams are onboarded in cascading order, two hours per team is all it takes
  • After just a few weeks, all teams are up and running in the application and working according to our methodology
  • There are no integrations or other technical setups to worry about. And your data is safe with us. Learn more about our compliance.

Why Howwe exists

Before we get into the details, check out our 2-minute introduction video.

Drive alignment, performance, focus, engagement, and financial results within a set calendar time – in one platform. 

Onboarding in Howwe – step by step

Step 1

Arvid Culborg - Head of delivery - Howwe Technologies

Meet your personal onboarding team

Over the years, we have learned which steps of the process work best as e-learning, and where a personal coach is needed to get the best results. That is why we offer a team of expert coaches for the first 6 months our the onboarding process. This team is with you every step of the way and designs the journey for your organization based on what we know from our Assessment step. Our coaches are not just experts in strategy execution and the Howwe Way of Working. More than that, they are experts in behavioral change, and know how to ensure that each and every team succeeds with understanding what Howwe is for and how to best use it.

Step 2


We start by doing a complementary assessment of your organization’s current likelihood of success of your strategic goals

Strategy execution is hard. Every organization has different needs and maturity levels when it comes to executing strategy. To ensure that you and your organization receive a customized and personal onboarding, we typically start with a 30-minute Assessment where we help you to map out strategic focus areas and your financial potential. During the Assessment, you answer our evidence-based survey with questions about your organization. The report that’s generated is the first step in getting your strategy actionable.

Our strategy experts are here to help you take the first step.

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Step 3

Breaking down your strategy into an actionable business plan - Steps-in-the-onboarding

Breaking down your strategy into an actionable business plan

We know that our onboarding process works. We see the change happen in teams and organizations. It’s right there, in Howwe: Teams accelerating towards their goals, sharing best practices, focusing on what’s important.

Together with the CEO and management, we start by creating a business case and by interviewing key persons in the management team. As a next step, we conduct workshops with all teams in cascading order, and thereby support each team in setting measurable and prioritized goals and connected activities. Along the way, we offer support to the leaders in your organization with our Leader Forums – recurring group meetings to discuss progress, what challenges may have arisen, and to learn from each other.

Step 4

Anchoring your goals

The ‘Why’ is often just as important, or even more important, than the ‘How’. That is why we at Howwe Technologies help you get your message out to the entire organization in an engaging and efficient way.

Within the first few weeks of onboarding, we film short videos with the CEO, head of HR, or other key persons and produce inspiring videos that are distributed via a company direction page inside Howwe. Reach everyone with your message, and make sure everyone understands what your top priorities are and why they are important!

Here’s why Orbit One chose Howwe.

Step 5

Jakob Johansson, Business Manager, Howwe Technologies

Technical know-how

The CEO and all leaders in the organization are key to making the Howwe way of working a success in the organization. That’s why it is crucial that they master the software. Our onboarding process includes a technical crash course if needed (most users find the software intuitive enough not to need this), and further video tutorials and step-by-step guides are always just a click away.

Step 6


As soon as goals and activities are set, teams go live in the application. What this means is that from then on, they will conduct weekly Acceleration Meetings and report their achievements in Howwe.  With a dedicated customer success team, going live is a breeze. We offer coaching to the leaders in your organization during the first months, to ensure that every single employee in your organisation becomes an expert at executing your most important goals.


After just a few weeks, the entire organization is onboarded to the platform and the way of working. From then on, what remains is to maintain the relentlessness in the execution. Setting aside a few minutes every week for Accelerations Meetings and to report achievements is basically all it takes

Johannes Rosenqvist, Business Manager, Howwe Technologies

Learn more about the Way of Working

Tools of the Trade

Digital assets give you a flying start

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Making strategy execution easy as pie for everyone 

Howwe Academy is our scalable solution to teach the world-class method for Accelerated Growth in a fast and efficient way. As a first step, each and every user starts with the Howwe Introduction Course (available in several languages). The course only takes 20 minutes to complete and is a great foundation for everything that follows.

But it does not stop there: In Howwe Academy we have collected a wide array of resources: basic and advanced courses, video guides, webinars, audio tours, and best-practice from the Howwe Community. The fastest way for your teams to understand how they can get value from working with Howwe.


Set proven goals and activities with just a few clicks 

Our collected best practices from 10 years and 1000+ teams allow you to take a shortcut to what truly works. With a digitalized goal-setting process, getting started is just a few clicks away.

Howwe Library is an interactive database where thousands of goals and activities have been narrowed down to a few best-practice Most Important Goals and Key Activities. Filter by team type, desired outcome, or industry to quickly find goals for each team in your organization. Bypassing a step that is typically perceived as very complex and difficult, Howwe Library makes goal-setting simple and user-friendly for all teams.

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And to help you further:

HOWWE INSIGHTS –  your own digital coach 

At Howwe Technologies, we believe in personalized advice at the exact time you need it. That is why we have built Howwe Insights, our own digital coach built on automated intelligence. With Howwe Insights, every user gets personal and role-based advice on what to do next, and how to best succeed in reaching team goals.

Employee experiences of onboarding

Working with Howwe to accelerate growth results in a variety of benefits on all levels of the organization. On a C-level, Howwe helps you to make strategies actionable for everyone, with financial growth as the outcome. Among employees, there’s an increase in commitment, engagement, and involvement. For the first time, many feel a connection to the company’s overarching goalsThey know what to do, how to do it, and why it matters. The clarity they experience leads to reduced stress. In general, there’s a significant increase in the eNPS among our customers.

Once the execution is underway


Turning Howwe users into strategy execution ninjas 

Meet Helena Feldmann, our Head of Customer Success. Helena and her team are always just a click away, during your onboarding journey and beyond! Customer Success is not just simple support to us, it is much more. The guiding principle for our Customer Success Team is ‘proactive nudging‘ – they make sure you know what to do ahead of time. Their mission is to make all Howwe users ninjas of strategy execution.

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To ensure that all levels of the organization continue to develop their strategy execution expertise, we offer a wide range of resources: Advanced courses, webinars, podcasts, and articles, often created together with our users. We’ve got something for every taste and occasion!

The purpose behind all resources is to make your organization excel in their strategy execution and get the right behavior change to happen.



Howwe has been developed to achieve a mind-bogglingly easy user experience and lower the barriers to successful strategy execution. To learn more about the features and functions of Howwe, check out this video or get a demo.

Howwe is a market-leading software for strategy acceleration

With Howwe companies are able to align their strategy and workforce and identify what needs to be prioritized to reach their Most Important Goals. Reach out to learn more.