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Uncovering the Execution Gap

– An analysis of the state of strategy execution

In today’s volatile landscape, executing a clear strategy is crucial. However, many firms fail to properly align and implement their plans, missing financial goals. The cost of strategic missteps is high, leading to financial losses and missed chances. 
But where exactly do strategies falter? To probe this critical question, Howwe Technologies developed the Howwe Growth Assessment™. This intuitive instrument aids CEOs and Functional Managers in evaluating their company’s readiness for success and identifying potential strategic gaps.
This ebook delves into the current state of strategy among CEOs and Functional Managers, revealing key findings from an analysis of 300+ assessments while comparing the perspectives of these roles. 
With the assessment insights in this ebook, we aim to empower leaders with the vision to transform strategy into action, propelling their organizations beyond market expectations and achieving unparalleled growth. Let’s dive in! 

The Howwe Growth Assessment™ - A Strategic Tool for Evaluating Organizational Execution Capability

At Howwe Technologies, we've invested over 160,000 hours into perfecting the art of strategic execution, culminating in our Growth Assessment™ tool. This strategic framework is designed to boost CEOs' ability to secure growth, profitability, and shareholder value, distinguishing top leaders. It not only assesses strategic and organizational strengths but also identifies critical vulnerabilities, empowering CEOs with the insights needed for sustained success.


CEO Forum is an exclusive forum for CEOs looking to accelerate growth. In the latest edition, we were honored to welcome the following panel of CEOs: Klas Franzén, CEO of IKEA Industry Hultsfred, Johan Magnusson, Group CEO at Kährs Group, and Mattias Lindhe, CEO at Orbit One Group. Our guest speakers shared their experiences of using Howwe as an effective tool to drive their strategic initiatives and accelerate growth. Selected conclusions can be found in Howwe Technologies' e-book on the same topic.

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