Assessment™ is a unique tool to measure potential and estimate your organization’s ability to succeed with your business plan over the next 12 months

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Assessment™ is built on 30 questions in six focus areas. A representative from Howwe Technologies guides you through the questions in a simple yet accurate way to measure potential. The results will provide you with a comprehensive mapping of your strengths and your development areas as an organization to succeed with your most important financial goals. 30 minutes of your time that will provide you with priceless insights on your potential for growth! 

To validate the Assessment™, our strategy team has gathered international top-tier research and combined it with the experience and outcomes from more than 100 of our customers to measure potential.

After a completed Assessment™, you will receive an overview of the six focus areas, and identified potential for improvement based on your answers.

We will also present the financial potential based on the most important initiatives that you drive from the management.

What are you waiting for? Send a request to do your Assessment™ and measure potential now.

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Tine Wollebekk, CEO at Avida Finance, is one of more than hundred CEOs that have taken the Assessment™ test to find out about their organization’s financial potential. Learn about her experience in this short video.

Play Video about About doing the assesment test with Tine Gottlob Wollebekk, CEO at Avida Finans

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