Howwe Growth Assessment™

Measure Potential and Estimate Your Organization’s Ability to Succeed with Your Business Plan Over the Next 12 Months

At Howwe Technologies, we have committed ourselves to mastering the complexities of strategic execution.

We’ve dedicated over 160,000 hours to understanding every facet of this process – from high-stakes strategy rooms to the front lines where strategies are tested and proven. Our Growth Assessment™ is not only built on our extensive in-house experience but also validated through over 300 assessments conducted with real companies. It is further supported by a wide array of external research.

The culmination of this effort is our strategic Growth Assessment™, a predictive model offering unparalleled insights into an organization’s likelihood of strategic success.

For a CEO, achieving strategic success is not only the primary duty of the role; it is also the path to creating lasting structural capital within the company that secures success for future strategies. The competencies assessed by the Howwe Growth Assessment™ are directly linked with increased growth, profitability, and shareholder value, setting the top leaders apart from the rest. It is designed to evaluate your strategic approach and organizational capabilities, directly enhancing your likelihood of business success. It ensures you embark on your strategic journey with essential self-awareness and a proactive approach to potential vulnerabilities.

Tine Wollebekk, CEO at Avida Finance, is one of more than hundred CEOs that have taken the Assessment™ test to find out about their organization’s financial potential. Learn about her experience in this short video.

Play Video about About doing the assesment test with Tine Gottlob Wollebekk, CEO at Avida Finans

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Bridging the Digital Gap

In the face of rapid technological advancements, the digital revolution has become imperative to remain competitive and thrive. However, a significant challenge lies in the reluctance of senior leaders to embrace emerging technologies. Learn how to overcome CEO reluctance for successful digital transformation.


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