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Elitfönster is Sweden’s largest producer of windows and doors with factories in the south of Sweden. They currently have about 1000 employees, out of which 80% are blue collars and 20% white collars at the HQ. Elitfönster belongs to Inwido Group, which is one of the Europe’s largest window and door manufacturer with more than 4000 employees. The company is run with strong control and they follow-up on goals as well as daily operational control including LEAN, implemented via traditional tools such as Excel, Power BI & Salesforce.


Elitfönster just completed the business plan and needed to implement it in the organization and to all the employees.They first try to implement the business plan using the methodology 4 Disciplines of Execution but failed with the implementation and execution. They needed an executing strategy for results.


Return on Investment calculated on EBIT vs Investment: x25*

+ 0 %

Increased revenue vs budget

+ 0 %

Increased revenue vs last year

Additional benefits to the organization

CEO's Comment

What has been the key to success for Elitfönster’s executing strategy for results?

You need to be invested in driving the execution and be a front figure for the change – it doesn’t happen by itself. Basically, you can have the best strategy but you wont get anywhere with bad execution. On the other hand, you can have an average strategy but with a great execution you will succeed.

It’s important for every person to see how they can contribute and how they fit into this to get the commitment and the power from everyone in your organization to enable them to drive the changes that you want to make. Howwe helps us to enforce the Why behind our strategy, contributing to an anchoring in the whole organization, not just on top level. Howwe brings the activities to a personal level for everyone in the organization by breaking them down to the different departments and finally down to each individual. It motivates them and give them a reason for their work and visualizes their role in the company.

Most Important Goals
Strategic initiative Management Team Elitfönster

Increase cross-functional collaboration to tap into the full potential of the organization

Strategiska initiativ för Elitfönster
Management Team Elitfönster

Most Important Goals

MANAGEMENT TEAM Executing strategy for results - Elitfönster

Too many goals and initiatives clutter the organization. The golden rule in Howwe for a successful executing strategy for results is to have between one and three simultaneous goals per team at a time. These are the Most Important Goals identified by the management team at Elitfönster.

Their Most Important Goals cascade through the organization and are aligned top-down where every team prioritizes their Most Important Goals that support the goals set by the team above.


Management MIG: 1

Increase % sales from housing market from 68 to 69,1 latest 2021-12-31

Keep OTIF On Time In Full on 96 latest 2021 12 31 Executing strategy for results - Elitfönster

Management MIG: 2

Keep OTIF, On Time In Full, on 96% latest 2021-12-31

secure 100 the one Executing strategy for results - Elitfönster

Management MIG: 3

Secure 100 % goal fulfillment of EBITA latest 2021-12-31

Examples of Most Important Goals for Production

Elitfonster case 2 Executing strategy for results - Elitfönster
Key Activities
Sales Industry Elitfönster

Key Activities

Every team in the organization defines, as part of the executing strategy for results, their Key Activities that drive growth on their Most Important Goals. These are the Key Activities defined by the Sales department.

Result of weekly activities vs historic

Measuring the activities and the impact they have on the most important goal clearly proves the acceleration of growth. Elitfönster’s sales industry achieved the following acceleration on some of their chosen activities compared to their historic results.

+ 0 %

Booked meetings – New customer

+ 0 %

Cross-sell call with existing customers

+ 0 %

Number of sent offers

Management Team Elitfönster

Result of weekly activities vs historic

Skarmavbild 2021 11 11 kl. 11.28.25 Executing strategy for results - Elitfönster
Sprint Key Activities

Sprint Key Activities

Sprint Key Activities helps teams to become more focused on what truly matters when it comes to the executing strategy for results. It supports leaders to unite their team around their agenda rather than the different functional or individual priorities.

Sprintar utan text Executing strategy for results - Elitfönster

Tips for working with Sprint Key Activities

Howwe Technologies had the opportunity to sit down with Micael Broström, the Sales & Marketing Director at Elitfönster, to gain insight into his views on modern leadership and the advantages of collaborating with Sprint Key Activities.

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