Why Digital Strategy Execution is essential for a CEO

Why Digital Strategy Execution is Essential for a CEO

How do CEOs goal management and strategy execution relate to accelerating the growth of the company? The answer lies in this article, where we will explain how important it is to have modern and digital tools to steer the company towards future success.

The role of CEOs has changed dramatically over the past few decades, as they have been tasked with steering their company in new directions that may have been unexpected when they first joined the company. It’s not enough to just be a great manager anymore, you need to also be able to step back and take stock of where your company is going and decide on the best possible course to make it thrive in an increasingly complex global market.

You might think that as the CEO of your company, you should be able to steer your company’s goals and align them with its overall strategy without the use of modern and digital tools. But if you’re like most CEOs, it would help tremendously if you could use modern tools to execute your strategy. Here are some of the reasons why digital goal management and strategy execution are essential for a CEO.

Why do CEOs need it?

Since business strategy execution, goal management and strategy acceleration play important roles in organizations today; it’s crucial that CEOs have modern tools to steer and align their business. These tools can help CEOs set goals, monitor progress, track results, make informed decisions, drive action plans, and ensure accountability of all team members – thereby accelerating overall growth. With a digital and user-friendly tool in place; CEOs and all employees can effectively focus on strategy execution to accelerate the growth of the company.

Why now? Increased disruption puts more pressure on the CEO and new measures to quickly align and steer the company according to changing directions are necessary to stay competitative

Disruption refers to the process by which new technologies, business models, or market forces create significant changes to an industry or market, often rendering existing business strategies obsolete. The speed and scale of disruption that we see increase can make it harder to succeed with strategy execution in several ways:

  1. Changing market dynamics: Disruptive forces can cause rapid shifts in market demand, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes. These changes can make it difficult to predict future trends and adapt existing strategies accordingly. This process usually takes too for management, which causes delays in execution and goal fulfillment.
  2. Shortened planning horizons: The pace of disruption can make long-term planning difficult. Companies may find it challenging to develop comprehensive strategies that account for both short-term and long-term goals, as the business environment may change quickly. That’s why CEOs need a platform to quickly align all levels of the organization according to the new goals or the new direction. To enable the full potential of the organization, anchoring of the why is also crucial to foster engagement and involvement in. the common journey towards the goals.
  3. Increased competition: Disruption can also lead to new entrants in the market who offer innovative solutions, disrupting existing business models. This can intensify competition, making it harder for established players to succeed with their strategies. To keep up, modern tools for enterprise execution is crucial for the CEO to stay competitive.
  4. Resource allocation challenges: Disruption may require companies to invest in new technologies or business models, while continuing to maintain existing operations. This makes prioritization and focus more important than ever. Keeping a strict focus on the strategically most important goals and activities without loosing focus to operational tasks can be challenging and often requires a dedicated enterprise execution platform to succeed. 


Setting goals and succeeding with the execution

A well-defined strategy execution plan that calls out which metrics are being measured and why, as well as how they will be measured. It makes goal setting more than just a wish list. Since your strategy represents your intention for the coming period, it’s important to align every stakeholder (not just your board) on what needs to happen in order to deliver on those goals. Having transparency around where everyone’s strengths lie—and where they need help—can both accelerate growth and give people greater job satisfaction.

Benefits of enterprise strategy execution

In today’s business environment, it is important to apply more methodical strategy execution in order to reduce friction in an organization. Friction can result in misalignment between the company’s strategic plan and its everyday business operations. A clear-cut way of steering strategies that accelerate growth needs to be created in order to streamline alignment with core strategies. However, most organizations implement the wrong approach when it comes to aligning their teams as well as achieving their goals efficiently and the strategy does not reach through the management layer as a result. No matter how much the employees want to contribute, they don’t know how. With a modern toolset, you can unleash the full potential of the organization.

How it works

An enterprise execution software supports goal steering as well as strategy execution for everyone, not just the CEO. The integrated platform helps align your top company’s goals from the top cascading all the way through all levels in the company. You can track and measure the goal progress, but also the progress on the activity that supports the goals, for every team in a perspicuous dashboard. With an easy-to-use product such as Howwe, your teams can set and track goals across departments, divisions, or functions. Visualize progress towards goals that you can share with everyone involved so they understand how their contribution fits into the overall strategy execution process of your company.

What can be done with this method?

We started this article by talking about modern and digital tools. That’s true, to an extent. What’s proven to work is actually more than a product, it’s a way of working – supported by tailor-made software to make every company achieve what’s most important to them. That’s Howwe. The method of enterprise execution supports the company in various ways. It aligns the employees, motivates them, and creates an understanding of what to do – and why. Many companies have different departments that work on completely different things. In order to keep these departments in tune with each other’s goals, you need a tool like Howwe. It can also be used as an objective management method, where your team members know exactly what they are supposed to accomplish by reaching their specific goals at hand.

How to Accelerate Growth

You have to be properly equipped to execute your strategy and achieve your goals. Without the right tools to support you, chances are high you will belong to the 80 % of companies that don’t succeed with their strategy. Until now, companies have relied on tools such as Excel and Powerpoint. Don’t get us wrong, that is a great tool, just not for executing strategy and steering a company in the direction of the goals. It takes more to enable the CEO to manage tall teams and their progress towards the goals. Howwe is developed based on a proven method, with insights and experience from 10,000+ teams. It creates a proactive way of working – in one platform. By creating a culture of commitment and strong focus, you free up employees’ time and decrease stress. An enterprise execution software such as the market-leading platform Howwe can allow your company to work smarter and reach your goals in time. Contact us to learn more.

What are you waiting for?

Howwe is the Solution for Growth. 

With our method and software, we simplify the execution of your strategy.

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