Business Agility – Align strategy and execution

Agile – A way of working.

Agile. Start-ups, and really successful companies, such as Google and Spotify made this way of working very popular. Whenever that happens, that it becomes a trend, there starts to be a lot of fuss and buss, confusion, and sometimes even frustration, when companies try to implement agility into their own processes.

Let’s clear up the confusion.

To clear up the confusion, let’s take a closer look at distinguishing the “Business Agile” and other forms of Agile ways of working. One thing Business Agile clearly is not, is IT-agile. As we know, IT-agile is the birthplace of the Agile manifesto, where we have scrums, sprints, work breakdown structures, and so on. While this way of working has proven to work very efficiently in IT-development teams, it has proven to be perform quite poorly when implemented in other types of departments, such as finance, sales, or a management team.

Don’t do IT-agility scaled down

Something that works equally as poorly is trying to do the IT-agility but scaled down, where a consultancy comes in to push collaborative and more cross functional activities, which to be fair can work well in a start-up-scenario, but doesn’t work as well in a larger corporation. You have the same problem on the other side as well, where management consultants who, during the last couple of years have tried to push very elegant models that are way too complicated for any type of real life scenarios.

What is business agile?

So, what exactly is Business Agile you might be wondering?

Well, Business Agile companies execute their strategies faster. This in turn makes them grow faster, making them way more profitable than their industry peers.

Business Agility and to align strategy and execution requires relentless execution in two skills, 1) knowing what to prioritize, from a bunch of different goals, what is the most important goal for us to focus on, and 2) Have the ability as an organization to gain the commitment for all co-workers to focus on these particular goals.

With these two skills in mind, you are well on your way to becoming more Business Agile. And while you’re at it – see how Howwe works and contact us for a demo.

Learn more and align strategy and execution 

Introducing Business Agility

This video introduces “Business Agility” as a theoretical framework and a boomin trend – both in terms of what it is and is not. Business Agility is about a company’s ability to rapidly shift focus, to a new priority, in the entire organization and execute that in time.

Why Business Agility Matters

Why do most of today’s CEOs want to achieve Business Agility? This video explains how to align strategy and execution closer and walk you through why it is one of the most relevant trends today.

Cascading Goals To Create Alignment

How To Ensure Relentless Execution

This video explains how prioritizations, done correctly, can create a unified focs and drive throughout any kind of organizaton to succeed with the company’s most important goal in time.

The Link Between Clarity & Alignment

This video summarizes why it is so important to create clarity and understanding of the prioritizations on all levels throughout an entire organization to be able to align strategy and execution.

This video summarizes why time is a determining factor when it comes to align strategy and execution to create results and succeed with one’s most important goals. There’s huge difference between those companies that continuously succeed to proactively allocate time throughout the organization to focus on the most important goals, and those who do not.