Stepping into the Future: Ramirent’s Transformation Journey with Howwe – Interview with Group CEO Erik Bengtsson

Erik Bengtsson

Erik, Ramirent is embarking on a transformation journey with the adoption of Howwe. Let’s start with the basics: Why did you choose Howwe for your organization?

The primary goal was to establish a clear and prioritized direction across the organization. Howwe not only facilitates transparent communication but also ensures that everyone is aligned to our business goals and strategy. This platform offers a sustainable structure for driving change, promoting cross-functional cooperation, reducing silos, and fostering a long-term culture of commitment.


Why do you believe this new direction is crucial for Ramirent?

A new software and methodology might feel challenging for some but I strongly encourage everyone to enter this way of working with an open mindset. Our previous ways of working has been limiting us, much like trying to sprint in socks, to use a metaphor. By introducing Howwe, we’re effectively equipping ourselves with the right ‘footwear’ for the race to execution. We are essentially evolving from outdated tools to an integrated methodology that combines both a digital application and an execution plan. This approach allows our teams to clearly identify, focus on, and regularly update Key Activities that drive our overarching strategy.


Speaking of execution, Howwe emphasizes a greater degree of activity-based management. Why is that significant?

Activity-based management enables us to proactively plan and act. It highlights the importance of not just setting goals but understanding and executing the activities that lead to their achievement. With Howwe, we’re not just reporting what’s done; we’re proactively focusing on what needs to happen next. This is fundamental in ensuring we consistently meet our business and strategic plans.


Time commitment is a common concern. What’s your take on that with regards to Howwe?

Howwe is designed to be efficient. It demands just a few hours of proactive planning and mere minutes for weekly reporting. Additionally, the platform is user-friendly. If anyone encounters challenges, technical education, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides are readily available, just a click away in Howwe.


Beyond software, what about the behavioral change you’re aiming for with Howwe?

Achieving behavioral change is at the core of our mission with Howwe. This isn’t just about using new software; it’s about fostering a culture of transparency, proactivity, and commitment. We are nurturing a culture where every member understands their role, feels connected to our larger goals, and is motivated to contribute proactively. The emphasis on ‘Why’ we do things, combined with the ‘How’, is crucial to instill this shift in mindset.


Finally, to those still skeptical, what’s your message?

Don’t be afraid, it wont bite you. It’s a user-friendly tool that aligns, prioritizes, and steers us towards our common goals. Embracing Howwe is a commitment to our shared future. I urge everyone to view this as an opportunity – a step towards elevating our collective capabilities and ensuring Ramirent’s continued success in an ever-evolving market. I genuinely believe in this direction, and together, I am confident we will achieve great things with Howwe.

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