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Strategic versus operations growth

Transform your way of working out of the ‘grey zone’ of operational activities to the truly strategic.

As a divisional leader or CEO, do you often find yourself frustrated with the slow progress of your company? Are your teams working on tasks that you don’t consider important, or do they constantly claim to be too busy to address your needs? You’re not alone. These are just some of the challenges contributing to the staggering statistic that 90% of teams fail to execute projects on time. It’s the classic statement of people working in the business rather than on the business. 

It’s important to note that these teams and individuals aren’t intentionally doing anything wrong. They genuinely believe they are focused on important tasks. However, often these tasks are not aligned with the direction set by the Board and CEO. Miscommunication, lack of timely updates, and inadequate performance reviews further exacerbate the problem. This common behavior leads to unreliable execution, existing within what we call the “grey zone” or the realm of “business as usual.” 

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Even with a busy workforce, companies frequently fail to achieve their goals because they lack the right mindset, methodology, or digital platform to execute their strategies effectively. Many attempt to execute from the bottom-up, relying on operational applications, HR-based performance reviews, outdated systems, or even basic tools like Excel or Reporting engines to piece together operational data. While these approaches are suitable for incremental improvements, they rarely break free from the “grey zone” to tackle the strategic initiatives and real business acceleration that the CEO and Board are after.  

That’s where Howwe comes in. By combining our unique methodology with a powerful platform, Howwe provides a comprehensive solution for CEOs and their teams. We operate in the “orange zone,” a space where companies, leaders, and staff truly contribute to and align with their strategic Most Important Goals (MIGs). 

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Through this integrated approach, companies can accelerate their strategy execution and reap the rewards. Not only does financial performance improve, but staff members also regain valuable time to focus on what truly matters. As individuals and teams become more proficient in their work, helped by the methodology and platform, employee satisfaction increases. This positive transformation is the result of adopting Howwe’s digital “way of working.” 


Blog post written by Steve Bowhill, CEO of Howwe ANZ.

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