CEO’s business challenges without a digital execution application

During the last 30 years digitalization has overhauled the way businesses operate. Every year, professionals and executives have implemented new digital tools and practices to take major leaps in performance and capability, but one business practice has been more or less left untouched and that is strategic and new business execution, that above all, the CEO is measured on.

The operational day-to-day applications we have seen during the last ten years are not developed for solving the CEOs strategic business challenge and they will not accelerate your enterprise execution. Strategic improvements can for example be new markets, new products and must win battles.

Without a digital application, developed from a CEO and business perspective that is used by the CEO and the entire organization. It normally takes quarters, sometimes years between disruption and the CEO’s decision on a strategic change, up to the point where all employees are focusing and prioritizing needed activities. 

Imagine a CFO without a financial system, or a Sales manager excelling without a CRM at the backbone of their function.

Do you as the CEO have a dedicated software that enables you to focus and accelerate the whole organization on what’s most important for you?

Actually, most CEOs don’t and as a result they have an average 52% likelihood of succeeding with their business plan in the next 12 months – Basically, it’s a flip of a coin if your business critical goals are met. 

Without a digital application, it normally takes quarters or years from CEO’s decision until all employees are aligned and focus on need improvements. Only 10% of all strategic executions are done on time. It is not possible to measure the organizational improvements and connect to Top and Bottom line And it’s more or less impossible to answer the question of how your strategic initiatives are going.

With a digital application, used by the CEO, it will be a shortened timeline which means revenue and profit will be reached faster and more measurable, ultimately leading to a more proactive organization and improved employee satisfaction scores.


Explore your organization’s strategic execution readiness in an Assessment™.

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