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– Solving The Three Chain Breakers

Dive into Howwe Technologies’ captivating guide, a beacon for modern business mavens eager to master the art of executing strategic initiatives and unlocking rapid growth’s enigma.

Venture with us as we decode the complexities many enterprises grapple with: breathing life into strategic blueprints. Discover the magic that bridges visionary concepts like digitization and sustainability into tangible outcomes. It’s a dance between pioneering technology for initiative management and a laser-focused growth method. 

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Your toolset for closing the execution gap

Have you ever wondered why even the most meticulously designed strategies often encounter obstacles during implementation? In this e-book, themed ‘How to Close the Execution Gap – Solving The Three Chain Breakers’, we delved deeply into the most common mistakes that break the chain between strategy and execution. Join as as we unveiled the “Three Chain Breakers” and charted a course to bridge the execution gap. Arm yourself with insights to strengthen the execution of your strategies and take the advice from the experienced CEOs that participate in this ebook – we assure you that you will notice a major impact.


CEO Forum is an exclusive forum for CEOs looking to accelerate growth. In the latest edition, we were honored to welcome the following panel of CEOs: Klas Franzén, CEO of IKEA Industry Hultsfred, Johan Magnusson, Group CEO at Kährs Group, and Mattias Lindhe, CEO at Orbit One Group. Our guest speakers shared their experiences of using Howwe as an effective tool to drive their strategic initiatives and accelerate growth. Selected conclusions can be found in Howwe Technologies' e-book on the same topic.

What are the challenges of driving growth?

In the swiftly evolving world of business, many companies merely grow at the pace of the market, seldom reaching the growth aspirations they envision. A mere 8% truly surpass their respective market benchmarks. This e-book aims to equip CEOs with valuable insights and actionable recommendations on how to adeptly implement strategic endeavors. By addressing the intricacies of managing growth and ushering in change, we'll guide you in enhancing your chances of outshining the market average.

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