What the CEO controls 5 Business-critical Execution Application for the CEO Howwe

Revenue and Profit Growth Challenge

Are you facing any of the below challenges:

  • Despite the executives’ collective efforts, you’re falling behind plan due to a lack of cohesive focus across the organization,
    highlighting a significant cross-functional issue that requires immediate attention?
  • You and your managers struggle to translate executive goals into actionable tasks for the employees?
  • There is a gap in your ability to monitor and measure activities tied to both top and bottom-line objectives?


Our CEO Assessment’s predictive model offering actionable insights into an organization’s likelihood of strategic initiative success where your responses will be compared with reference data from our several hundreds of other CEOs, including reference data from MIT, Gartner, and McKinsey.

Included is:

  • One-one-assessment (45 minutes), two-hour meeting reporting the findings.
  • Facilitation of you and your executive team on the most crucial strategic objectives, along with the initiatives that drive these financial improvements.
  • A prototype demonstrating how easily you and your organization can catch up on initiatives leading to increased revenues and profits.


I am looking forward to discussing the Assessment with you on a phone/web call.


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What the CEO controls 5 Business-critical Execution Application for the CEO Howwe

The results of using Howwe?

30% Acceleration

Our customer’s average acceleration of the activities driving growth.

Up to 25X ROI

All our customers have 8-25 times Return on Investment in the first 12 months.

The results of using Howwe?

The CEO Role is Changing from Thought Leader to Impact Leader

The CEO has the most influence in a company. What the CEO controls typically accounts for 45 percent of a company’s total performance. Howwe is the first solution developed from a CEO and business perspective supporting CEOs to achieve simplified growth.

In the realm of traditional growth strategies, CEOs grapple with:

Benefits of Using Howwe®

Accelerated Execution

Drastically speeds up the execution of the CEO’s most critical initiatives, aligned to the CEO scorecard

Strategic Success

95% of strategic executions are completed on time, a stark contrast to the industry standard of 10%

Boosts Employee Satisfaction

Enhances engagement and productivity by focusing on actionable activities and visible progress

High ROI

Delivers a robust 8-25x return on investment within the first 12 months.

How Howwe Simplifies Growth

Master Complexity and Bridge the Gap

Howwe is designed to bridge the notorious execution gap, transforming intricate plans into clear, actionable paths. Strategy and execution are deeply intertwined, each vital and neither effective without the other. Their interdependence is at the heart of our method, emphasizing focus, simplicity and adaptability across the organization. 

Turn Strategies into Actionable Plans ​

The method consists of four components that together bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Prioritize and align Most Important Goals. Identify Strategic Initiatives, the enablers. and break them down into Key Activities. Turn plans into reality and drive progress in the Acceleration Meetings

Bring Transparency to Execution

Say goodbye to confusion, missed opportunities, and slow responses. Get empowered to lead with confidence in the face of complexity.

Picture the positive outcomes: streamlined accomplishment, accelerated growth and an enterprise awareness of common objectives. And Howwe doesn’t just simplify growth; it takes your organization step by step closer and closer to unprecedented success.

No longer having to navigate a byzantine process or shell out for costly consultancy services. Howwe provides an easy-to use, streamlined interface to make your team accomplish more with less.

Assess Your Likelihood of Strategic Success

Assessment™ is a unique tool to measure potential and estimate your organization’s ability to succeed with your business plan over the next 12 months.

We’ve dedicated over 160,000 hours to understanding every facet of this process – from high-stakes strategy rooms to the front lines where strategies are tested and proven. Assessment™ is not only built on our extensive in-house experience but also validated through over 300 assessments conducted with real companies. It is further supported by a wide array of external research from MIT, Gartner and other research faculties.

The culmination of this effort is our strategic Assessment™, a predictive model offering unparalleled insights into an organization’s likelihood of strategic success.

Your investment in money and time

  • Price: $10 K
  • Assessment: 1 hour
  • Reporting back and facilitate strategic initiatives: 2 hours
  • If we are right, a Workshop a’ 3 hours with the executive team
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What's in it for CEOs?

The era of multi-year transformations is over. In a business climate increasingly defined by disruption, thriving hinges on the ability to set clear goals and align your organization effectively. The imperative for most CEOs is rapid, organization-wide execution, turning strategic decisions into immediate tangible actions.

Immediate Action

Post-decision, CEOs get rapid, organization-wide execution, turning strategy into immediate action

Focused Execution

CEOs can ensure focus and alignment as strategy cascades through every level to drive real change

Clear Purpose

CEOs are supported to communicate the 'why' behind strategic moves, ensuring company-wide clarity and commitment

Progress Visibility

CEOs get insights into real progress, effectively addressing bottlenecks and behavior resistance early

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