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The Art of Strategy Execution: Howwe Technologies


For years, companies have tackled strategy management as the field has grown and evolved, but many have fallen short of their achievements due to a lack of strategic execution. Howwe Technologies, a Stockholm-based international SaaS company, has found a way that technology can change how large organizations reach their goals.

The process starts with Howwe Technologies’ enterprise execution program, Howwe. Howwe is a proactive cloud-based software that helps large organizations execute their strategies better and faster by visualizing, steering, and measuring data in real-time throughout the entire organization, including all employees.

“What’s really unique is that it’s for the entire company to use,” says Ulf Arnetz, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Howwe Technologies. “The CEO can use this application to focus the whole company on what they and the management team are trying to do with the strategic plan. Then they can measure if the execution is on time, connect that to the financial improvement statistics, and make sure the execution is on time.”

Howwe transforms an organizations’ strategic plan into role-based goals and connected high-impact key activities, which makes the strategy clear and actionable for everyone. It helps organizations steer, accelerate, and follow up on critical initiatives, to achieve the most important goals within their timeline.

Novo Nordisk, the largest diabetes pharmaceutical vendor in the world, has found success using Howwe. Before they set up the program, the company was facing five years of decreases and loss of market shares, due to the increase of products in the field. Eight months after they installed Howwe, the decrease quickly shifted and their market shares began to rise. As a result, Novo Nordisk changed how they are working with the strategy execution. This change has not only saved a lot of time but has also increased employee satisfaction.

It’s not only Novo Nordisk, however, that has found success using the innovative program. Howwe Technologies has helped clients in industries including insurance, industrial manufacturing, bank, consulting, real estate, and investing. Results have varied from case to case, but on average, companies that use Howwe have seen an average return-on-investment (RoI) of 20-times their initial investment within 12 months.




Ulf Arnetz believes the use of an application tailored to strategic execution is essential to an organization. “If you are a Chief Financial Officer, you will – of course – have a financial application, he says. “It would be weird if the CFO would use basic tools – like Excel – instead of a proper financial application. If you translate that to a CEO working on strategic management, the CEO must use an application in order to make execution happen.” He adds: “Howwe is a tailor-based application only for strategy management and accelerates exactly what the CEO is measured on.”

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