The CEO’s Must-Have Tool to Achieve Business Goals

Why are you running, Johan Grönstedt, CPO, Howwe Technologies

Think about this scenario: The project pipeline is constantly growing. The clock is ticking. You need the projects and business goals to succeed, but the scope just seems to be growing bigger and bigger. The deadlines are approaching quickly. You’ve been there, right?

I once heard a story about a guy who came running carrying a bike on his shoulder. One man asked what he was doing. He was in such a hurry and said he didn’t have the time to put it down and cycle.

Let’s go back to the first scenario. Your life as a CEO can feel like a whirlwind sometimes, right? All of a sudden, you hear about a tool that creates proactivity and steers your whole organizations’ focus on your most important business goals. It sounds amazing and is exactly what you need. But you just can’t be bothered with another tool at this point.

Stop, just stop! Don’t make the same mistake as the guy with the bike. You need to be properly equipped to succeed. Your life as a CEO will be a lot easier if you make sure you are equipped to drive your projects, launches (or bike rides) before you start executing them. 89% of organizations don’t have an application for implementing and executing the business plan. Don’t let that be you.

So, how can you be properly equipped as a CEO? The answer is spelled Howwe. Howwe is not yet another initiative or software. Howwe is often described as a revolutionary innovation (and hey, we won’t argue). It creates a proactive way of working, making everyone in your organization involved and engaged in the journey towards the business goals. Let’s look at some examples of the actual impact using Howwe:

Freeing up time for your leaders to work on what matters – Putting an end to meeting marathons

71% of meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Unclear actions lead to confusion in 43% of meetings. You and your leaders are caught up in back-to-back meetings all day, every day. How do you feel about drastically reducing the number of meetings? And freeing up time to focus on the activities that really drive the progress of your company’s most important business goals? A focused 15-minute-long weekly meeting is all it takes to get an overview of the real-time progress. You and your team make proactive commitments to the activities that you need to secure. It will boost engagement and accountability (aka. the key ingredients to success).

  • Making the business plan clear and actionable – instead of a shelf warmer

When was the last time you looked at your business plan? Honestly? It might not be the case for you, but for many, it’s once a quarter. Your plans and goals probably won’t happen if you and your organization don’t actively work with it as an integrated part of your daily work. Using Howwe, the goals and activities supporting the business goals come alive. They are clear and visualized for each and every one in your organization.

  • Anchoring the business plan and aligning the whole organization towards the business goals

You may think that your business plan is anchored in your organization. Most likely it’s not. Already in the management team, only half of the members share the same top three initiatives as the CEO, meaning that the other half is spending their time and energy driving other priorities. Employees don’t know what to focus on. Imagine the power you can achieve if you get 100% of your employees to actively work to fulfill the most important business goals (spoiler alert – it’s huge!).

  • Getting the business plan to happen now – and ever after

90% of organizations fail to implement their strategy – in time. Too many business goals and initiatives clutter and stress the organization. There’s an inverse relationship between the number of goals that you have and the number of goals that you can succeed with. Howwe helps you to prioritize so that you can focus on less to achieve more. With visualization of progress, employees know where to focus and leaders can proactively act. With quarterly follow-ups, you’ll lose proactivity. The weekly 15-minute meeting is your team’s chance to be reminded of activities, support each other where gaps are arising, to proactively commit and celebrate progress. Clearly seeing your team’s progress makes all the difference. That’s how relentlessness is created, allowing you to succeed with your projects and business goals, every week, every year.

To wrap it up. You need to be properly equipped to succeed with what’s ahead of you and your organization. Ask yourself if it isn’t better to stop for a second, put the bike down, and ride away instead of carrying it. What are your options, really? What is the cost of failing to reach the goals set out in your business plan, professionally and financially? According to Harvard Business Review, companies’ strategies deliver only 63% of their promised financial value. On average, 1 million USD is wasted every 20 seconds due to ineffective strategy execution. Can you afford that?

By using Howwe we are able to easily prioritize, follow up and keep the focus on the most important activities with the highest ROI.

– Lars Kry, CEO Nexer.

Howwe’s customers achieve up to 25x ROI (Return on Investment) in the first 12 months). Hear some of our customers explain the results they achieved using Howwe.

Achieve your business goals with Howwe

Do you have several teams, departments, and leaders? And you want to accelerate your growth and achieve your business goals? Then you will most certainly benefit from Howwe. We’ve seen success across all sectors and industries. Do you want to see some examples? Check out some of our customers or explore some of the other sectors we support below. And don’t forget to watch our product demo.

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Real Estate

We have a proven track record of supporting real estate companies in connecting their business plans to everyday operations. A proactive way of working supported by our SaaS application Howwe enables the full potential of your organization.

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Industrial & Manfacturing Companies

Many of the companies we support within the manufacturing and industrial sector struggle with implementation of their interdivisional and global transformation projects.  With massive organizations, aligning the whole organization and making the business plan actionable on all levels is challenging.

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Howwe supports many of the world’s largest healthcare companies, such as MSD, Amgen and GE Healthcare. Using Howwe, our customers achieve both organization-wide transformation and acceleration of financial results.

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