Digital goal steering to accelerate growth

With Howwe companies are able to align their strategy and workforce, and identify what needs to be prioritized to reach their most important goals.

Strategy has a people problem.
And we’re here to fix it.

80% of business strategies fail.

At the same time, 82% of employees want to know how they can contribute to help their company reach its goals.

See the connection?

A GrowthOS that enables a proactive way of working and empowers the execution of strategy on all levels of the organization.

A proactive way of working to accelerate growth.

Prioritize & Align

Our method and software help leaders and managers to prioritize the most important goals for growth, and align them throughout all levels of the organization. Clarity is key.

Steer & Measure

When the goals are set, the activities driving growth are identified, so that leaders can steer and support teams in order to reach their goals. In time.

Commit & Visualize

The leader’s tool to visualize progress and empower all teams to proactively commit to actions and follow up on the outcome. 15 minutes a week is all it takes.

We have many amazing customers all over the world. Here’s what some of them have to say:

Our Story

We are here to radically improve the user experience of how business strategies are implemented and executed – on all levels of the organization. Howwe is developed & delivered by Reforce International – a Stockholm-based company.

Howwe is the market leading software within digital goal steering.

Howwe enables a proactive way of working that accelerates growth. In order to create growth, strategies needs to be understandable and actionable for all. Not just the c-suite. Our GrowthOS improves the user experience of strategy execution, on all levels of the organization.


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