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Q & A

Q: Howwe enables increased profit and revenue. What are the employee’s general reactions to that?

A: The employees, as well as some managers, tend to be skeptical about Howwe, similar to any new application before they have seen the advantages. They see it as “one more application”, improved transparency, and a new 15-minute Acceleration Meeting. Howwe includes a way for the CEO and management to communicate “why”, create buy-in, and pull. Research shows that 82% of all employees would like to contribute to the company’s financial improvement but don’t know-how.

An Enterprise execution application can not only be something that helps the CEO, but also all managers and employees. Managers and employees experience that the management’s focus becomes clearer, the time for prioritization and decisions is shortened, and that time is freed up. Employee Satisfaction Scores are always improving, and no customer terminated Howwe from September 2019 to September 2021 (Churn was 0).

Q: For which industry and company size is Howwe best suited?

A: Howwe Technologies has met thousands of CEOs since the first version of the application was released in 2015. Howwe’s customers are in virtually all industries and company sizes. It is more the personality of the CEO and partly the management that decides whether they choose to start with Howwe or wait to introduce digital support for enterprise execution. About forty percent of all CEOs are still hesitant towards a product like Howwe because the application means that the CEO must live in the application about 1-2 hours/week. This type of CEO often does not experience cross-functional challenges, or a proactive application is needed to accelerate execution.

Q: We already use Asana, Monday.com, PPM/EPPM, OKR, and business-critical applications. How does Howwe fit into that mix?

A: These applications are complementary and facilitate the operational day-to-day work, often within a department, or selected departments. However, they are not designed to improve enterprise execution including cross-functional execution, nor do they have the business support, AI, and proactive expert advice that Howwe includes. In practice, they are not able to steer, measure, and ensure that the execution and revenue/profit takes place in time according to the pre-made business case. In addition, they can not prove the business value (ROI) of all their customers as Howwe can.

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