Product feature launch: Alignment

Johan Sundell, Head of Insights, about the launch of the Alignment feature

One of the core disciplines within Howwe is Prioritize and Align. According to Harvard Business Review, 65% of executives report that they have too many conflicting priorities. Being able to get a bird’s eye view of every single top prioritization, and how all these align, is a tremendous value for companies. With the new Alignment feature, creating a relationship between the Most Important Goals (MIGs), users get an immediate understanding of how prioritizations really align and perform. “MIGs are the essence of high-level progress and to then collect everything in one view becomes incredibly powerful”, Johan Sundell, Head of Insights at Howwe Technologies explains.

Most Important Goals (MIG) represent the top priorities in an organization, bringing clarity to the strategy. Starting with prioritization at the top of the organization, Most Important Goals are then broken down to every function, department, and team, ensuring organizational-wide alignment and creating an understanding of what to focus on, for all.


The Alignment feature gives users an interactive overview of how MIGs within the company relate to one another and a deeper understanding of the prioritizations that have been made. Previously, MIGs could be viewed from a team perspective, without insights into the respective MIGs interrelationship. 

Now, you as the CEO can get an overview of all top prioritizations made in your company, including how everything is related and how everything is performing – within seconds.

Skarmavbild 2021 11 09 kl. 14.07.45 Product feature launch: Alignment Alignment

We’ve built a feature that brings all the MIGs together in one simple and interactive view, allowing you to see MIG relations and performance – within seconds. Seeing how everyone’s contribution trickles up to the company’s Most Important Goal has never been this easy. This is also an important enabler for us to seamlessly provide actionable insights that are relevant for every single user, says Johan Sundell.


The Alignment feature – The CEO’s best friend

We often hear CEOs at our customer companies refer to Howwe as their best friend. We’re confident that this feature will strengthen that relationship even further. The Alignment feature is one of many that specifically address the needs of the CEO.  It is a simple, yet unique, tool to ensure alignment of prioritizations and support the CEO to actively steer and course adjust whenever needed. With just a few keystrokes the CEO can find out:

  • All of the Most Important Goals in the entire organization and the performance of each
  • How these goals are connected and how they ultimately link to the company’s Most Important Goals
  • Any prioritization that lack alignment

The new Alignment feature is a powerful tool for CEOs to show high-level progress to the board of directors without the need for power points or excels.

From an employee perspective, it’s an intuitive tool that increases the understanding of one’s contribution to the bigger picture. Understanding your ‘Why’ is something that has a strong impact on the employee’s motivation and self-confidence.

Without Howwe, CEOs would need to spend hours, if not days, digging deep into several different systems, power points, and excels to find out the same insights. The interactive overview will greatly facilitate the reporting process to the board, as well as the daily steering of the company. MIGs are the essence of high-level progress and to then collect everything in one view becomes incredibly powerful. 

Changing how the world works – one user at a time

Howwe has succeeded in combining the latest and greatest research from psychology, economics, leadership, and goal setting with how the world’s most successful leaders actually behave. The knowledge is packaged in a completely digital product that supports the company at all levels, from the CEO to the outermost front line, from planning to implementation.

Howwe has automated strategy and business plan execution. It continues to refine the model with thousands of teams and situations that are analyzed and born back into the network of Howwe users, which grows stronger and stronger by the day. That’s what we call user-centric strategy execution that changes how the world works.

What are you waiting for?

Howwe is the Solution for Growth. 

With our method and software, we simplify the execution of your strategy.

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