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As the only player in the market, Howwe Technologies offers a comprehensive solution for growth with integrated digital support for execution of Company Initiatives. This provides companies the opportunity to optimize their growth by clearly identifying, monitoring, and executing their critical initiatives in a way that was previously impossible.

Company Initiatives in Howwe is a Catalyst for Growth

For years, Howwe Technologies has been leading the way with its established solution for growth, consistently setting the benchmark for how companies effectively execute strategy to harness growth. Their digital solution for Company Initiatives, tailored for CEOs, stands as the cornerstone in Howwe, seamlessly bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

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Company Initiatives in Howwe
Align and accelerate team performance in Howwe

Succeed with your Company Initiatives

Embrace a new era of strategic success with Howwe. Say goodbye to unrealized ambitions and tangled operations. Watch the CEO Forum and learn how you succeed with your company's initiatives.

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Initiatives in Howwe

Initiatives are the enablers for the organization's Most Important Goals - What a company, a function or a team needs to focus on in order to succeed with its Most Important Goal.

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Examples of Company Initiatives

Many organizations struggle to turn strategic initiatives like digitization, sustainability, and customer focus into reality. Too often, these ideas become buzzwords that never materialize, which can have serious consequences for CEOs, management teams, and leaders who are striving for change and results.

The user-friendly technology in Howwe empowers CEOs and management teams to decide, anchor, and implement strategic initiatives throughout the organization in a fast, easy, visual, and transparent way, without getting bogged down in operational and event-driven daily work. 

Meet the Team That is Unlocking Seamless Strategy Execution

Meet the minds behind Howwe Technologies’ Strategic Initiatives. Our dedicated team spent nearly two years perfecting a solution for scaling businesses dealing with increasingly complex strategies. No more manual tracking or cross-functional chaos; just set up your initiatives, tag your key activities, and watch the real-time reports roll in. Hear firsthand from our team why our clients can’t get enough of this new approach to strategic execution.

“Howwe Technologies is leading the way for the future of enterprise tech with its established solution for growth, consistently setting the benchmark for how companies effectively execute strategy and company initiatives to harness growth.  This is an invaluable solution for businesses aiming to execute their most critical initiatives and objectives more successfully in a shorter calendar time. By simplifying growth, Howwe change the way the world work.”

Per Forslund

President, Howwe Technologies

Per Forslund, President Howwe Technologies

Get a glimpse of Company Initiatives in Howwe

Annons US 1 2 1 Company Initiative Company Initiatives

The digital solution for Company Initiatives is designed to meet the needs of CEOs and serves as the last piece in Howwe that bridges the gap between strategy and execution. This creates new opportunities for businesses to achieve financial growth in a shorter calendar time.

Annons US 1 2 Company Initiative Company Initiatives

Many companies, especially executive teams, experience that their most important initiatives get stuck when rolled out within the organization. Examples include mergers, digitization, sustainability, or expansion into a new market. These initiatives often account for the most significant increase in profit, turnover, and share value.

3 Company Initiative Company Initiatives

Research reveals that 82% of employees want to contribute to company success. A digital execution platform is essential for clarifying priorities, tracking progress, and achieving financial goals.

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