Enterprise Radio: The Future of Enterprise Tech

The Future of Enterprise Tech

Ulf Arnetz, currently the CEO and Founder of Howwe Technologies, a Swedish SaaS company offering an innovative solution for growth joins Enterprise Radio to discuss the future of Enterprise Tech.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Ulf Arnetz discuss the following:

  1. Ulf, you’re what we call a serial entrepreneur. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you’ve come to earn that title.
  2. You’ve successfully founded and sold 3 companies, all through the same path; start in Sweden and end in the U.S. Why the U.S.?
  3. What is a piece of leadership advice you wished you had known earlier?
  4. Your latest venture is Howwe Technologies, a solution for growth. Tell us what you’ve set out to do with this platform.
  5. Within Enterprise Tech, what’s the next big thing to look out for and join early on?

Ulf Arnetz | Founder and CEO, Howwe Technologies

Ulf Arnetz is a Swedish 3x entrepreneur, with a proven track record of founding and scaling innovative companies primarily in Swedish and U.S. markets. He is the founder and CEO of Howwe Technologies, a SaaS company delivering acceleration software for CEOs. Ulf is based in New York City.

Arnetz has done the same international expansion where initial sales, delivery, and proofs started in Sweden, and then expanded directly to the U.S. market. His previous successes include IOS, which was sold to Nasdaq-listed Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP), where he became EVP Europe and almost tripled revenues within two years. Similarly, his company Corechange Inc., which was awarded the prestigious Global Fast-500 award from Deloitte, was sold to Nasdaq-listed OpenText, and Dice (Battlefield)* was sold to Nasdaq-listed Electronic Art (EA).

  • Business degrees from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and IHM Business School

  • Entrepreneur of the Year, Sweden

  • Author of three management books

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