The Importance of Communication and Follow-up

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The Importance of Follow-Up in Strategy Execution


In our previous blog posts, we highlighted the factors that often hinder successful strategy execution within organizations, such as time management, goal setting, operational efficiency, and behavioral drives. In this post, we will delve into the crucial aspects of communication and follow-up, comparing the methods of traditional strategy execution and strategy acceleration. While these elements are frequently overlooked or down-prioritized, they play a vital role in achieving strategic objectives.

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Traditional Strategy Execution: One common problem with traditional strategy execution is poor communication. Many companies struggle with effectively conveying their strategies to employees. Communication is often insufficient, utilizing ineffective channels and failing to address the target audience’s specific needs. Superficial communication plans are created with the expectation that they will suffice to engage everyone. However, without proper understanding and buy-in, employees are left uncertain about their role in strategy execution and how they can contribute to its success.

Strategy Acceleration: In strategy acceleration, we emphasize the concept of anchoring instead of mere communication. Anchoring goes beyond delivering messages; it ensures that the recipients have comprehended and assimilated the information, fostering a desire to actively participate in the work. Rather than relying on a communication plan developed at the beginning of the process, strategy acceleration integrates anchoring throughout. This approach ensures continuous and targeted communication, enhancing employee engagement and alignment with the strategy. Notably, communication remains crucial even after the strategy execution process is completed.

The Significance of Follow-Up:

Traditional Strategy Execution: Follow-up in traditional strategy execution often focuses on measuring achieved targets and outcomes. For instance, if the strategy aims to increase revenue by 50% in three years, the focus is primarily on measuring the revenue as the end result. However, this reactive approach fails to assess progress or verify whether the right actions are being taken. Measuring solely the final outcome overlooks the importance of monitoring the movement toward the goal. Additionally, companies typically rely on sub-standard tools, such as Excel or PowerPoint, for tracking strategy activities, which limits their ability to effectively follow up.

Strategy Acceleration: In strategy acceleration, follow-up revolves around constant steering and measurement throughout the process. Recognizing that measuring only results is insufficient, strategy acceleration emphasizes the need to measure progress and the steps taken toward the goal. This involves monitoring the progress of activities that drive progress, ensuring a continuous focus on the most impactful actions. Steering toward the most important goals and the activities that lead to them becomes the core of strategy acceleration. Regular measurement acts as a pulse check on the process, ensuring everything is developing as planned. This dynamic approach to follow-up enables timely course corrections and facilitates goal attainment.


Communication and follow-up are integral to successful strategy execution. By adopting a strategy acceleration approach, organizations can overcome the pitfalls of poor communication and inadequate follow-up inherent in traditional methods. Anchoring communication throughout the process ensures alignment and understanding, while continuous follow-up and measurement enable progress monitoring and timely adjustments. In our upcoming blog posts, we will explore the insight and decision-making process within strategy acceleration, providing a comprehensive understanding of this transformative method. Stay tuned to unlock the secrets of strategy acceleration and revolutionize your approach to strategy execution.

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