5 Tips for Aligning Your Employees with Your Company’s Strategy

5 Tips for Aligning Your Employees with Your Company’s Strategy

If you want your employees to engage in the company’s strategy, you need to give them transparency into your business plan and understand how their day-to-day work helps accomplish that plan. This will also help align your team with your company’s mission, so everyone has the same goal and can work together towards achieving it. For more information on how to motivate employees and get them involved in the company’s strategy, read on!


1. Transparency

Encourage transparency at all levels of your organization by encouraging feedback, sharing information widely, and holding regular meetings with staff. In Howwe we do this in Acceleration meetings. Every team, every single team starts their week with a short structured meeting. They focus on what’s strategically most important guided by best practice through a standardized agenda. A fast and efficient way to make sure everyone is on-board with your plans focuses on the right things and gets committed to contributing—which makes it more likely they’ll stick to them. In addition, clarity of vision often leads to the alignment of goals. Clarity and alignment lead directly to motivation. And with a motivated workforce—that’s when you can achieve results like a boss!

2. Alignment

To keep your team motivated, you need clarity on why they’re doing what they’re doing. By sharing your vision with your employees, you can get them aligned with your strategy. As an added bonus, companies that align their employee incentives with their corporate goals are 23% more likely to meet or exceed their financial targets than non-aligned organizations.

Howwe features a new dimension of Alignment of goals and key activities where you get an interactive overview of your company of how your priorities are activated in the organization, how they are connected, and how they perform. This allows you and your leaders to act proactively with a concrete basis for discussion on HOW you can influence this goal. Something that is traditionally something you had discovered way too late.

3. Clarity

Few things can derail a company’s strategy more than unclear, misaligned expectations. That’s why it’s so important for managers to set crystal-clear goals for their teams—and make them publicly available. Clear goals give team members a sense of purpose and provide valuable transparency into where a company is headed. Though these kinds of roadmaps may look like they impose on employees, when done right, clear goals will help boost motivation and morale because they eliminate confusion and ambiguity. Howwe makes your goals clear and actionable on all levels of the organization – in one platform. Explore how it works here.

4. Why motivated employees matter

Everybody wants motivated employees—and there are many ways to get them. But before you do anything, ensure they align with your business strategy. Once they understand where you’re going, motivation becomes easy. Here’s a guide on how to get them on board and play for your team.

5. Understanding the Why

It’s one thing to give an employee a long-term goal or even a shorter-term project. It’s another thing entirely for that employee to understand why he’s working on something. And it doesn’t stop there—he needs to know how his own work is contributing toward company success, as well as how that success is directly connected with his day-to-day work. Here’s a guide on how to effectively communicate the Why.

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