June 1st Reforce International becomes Howwe Technologies. Changing the company name is an important milestone on our journey to become the global market-leading provider of acceleration software. In this article, you will find questions and answers about the new company name. 

Why are you switching the company name from Reforce international to Howwe?  

We’ve developed a unique product that has already helped hundreds of companies to accelerate their growth and execute on their strategies.  We’ve come a long way towards our goal to change how the world works. Now, we are ready to take the next steps on our journey of becoming the global leader for providing acceleration software. Our mission is to radically change the user experience of strategy execution. We want that vision to be reflected in every aspect of our company, including the company name.  

Are you still the same company?  

Yes. Same product, same organization number, same mission, same people. Just a new company name.  


What is the official company name? 

The company name is Howwe Technologies AB (publ). 


What does this mean for me as a customer?  

Nothing. We have the same corporate identity number, and the contract is still eligible. You will continue using Howwe® exactly as you are today.  

 If you have any questions about your contract, we’re happy to help you at [email protected] 

 Why are you doing the company name switch now?  

The time is right. We’re a product company and we want our company name to manifest our unique product.  

 What does it mean to be a product company?  

Take Slack as an example. It’s a product people are using and a company people work at to develop, sell, deliver and promote the product. It’s exactly the same thing for us.  

What will happen to Reforce International?  

Reforce International becomes Howwe Technologies AB (publ). The people, values and associations of Reforce are projected into the Howwe® brand.   

Can a potential competitor start their business under the company name Reforce International now?  

No, the Reforce International trademark is protected for years to come.    

I have additional questions. Who should I turn to?  

If you have additional questions about the new company name and its effects, you are more than welcome to reach out to our CMO Katarina Bennich at [email protected] or our Co-Founder & President Per Forslund at [email protected].