The new book “Strategy Acceleration – Faster, Measurable, More Enjoyable” does what no other leadership or change management book has done before. It talks about how you go about succeeding with the biggest challenges for businesses today – Going from words to action and measurable results. 

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Do you find strategy implementation difficult and time-consuming? Forget it. It’s time to rethink. The book Strategy Acceleration is about how you can accelerate your strategy both faster and more profitably. It opens the door to a successful and more fun strategic world!


Voices about the book “Strategy Acceleration”


“Fun and enjoyable book about strategy implementation. Catrin and Ulf describe in a good way how to achieve results by thinking in a new way. In short – achieve other results by doing other things.”

Svante Randlert

Business & People Advisor

“Once a strategy is laid out, one of the most difficult things is to make it happen. This book gives many concrete examples of how to go about creating results for real.”

Marika Skärvik

CEO, PerformancePotential

“A fun book about strategy execution well worth reading! Ulf and Catrin talk pedagogically and fun about how to achieve financial gains by working in a completely new way to succeed with strategy execution.”
Patrick Söderlund

Founder & CEO, Embarck Studios

“Read this book and you will understand how and why even the most long-term strategy must be fast. as lightning.”
Micael Dahlen

Professor, Stockholm School of Economics

About the Authors of “Strategy Acceleration”

The Authors of strategy acceleration


Founder and Chairman of Howwe Technologies

Ulf is a successful entrepreneur who has dedicated many years to “making it happen” with a focus on growth. He is the founder of IOS Gruppen, Corechange. He has served on many boards, including  DICE (EA) and MSAB, and he has been the  European Director of CTP (Cambridge  Technology Partners, now Atos). He is currently working internationally and is the founder and chairman of the board of Howwe Technologies With a structured method and an acceleration tool, he helps companies reach increased financial results.


Founder Way Group

Catrin has worked with change processes at various companies for many years. She has managed projects ranging from smaller change projects to large strategy executions. A driving force for Catrin is helping to develop companies’ ability to change and adjust to new conditions. A  few years ago she founded the company WAY!, which supports other companies going through change processes, frequently with a focus on strategy executions.

Ulf Arnetz, the author of Strategy Acceleration, is the founder of Howwe.

But who is Howwe for?

Do you have several teams, departments, and leaders? And you want to accelerate your growth? Then you will most certainly benefit from Howwe, co-founded by Ulf Arnetz, the author of Strategy Acceleration. We’ve seen success across all sectors and industries. Do you want to see some examples? Check out some of our customers or explore some of the other sectors we support below. 

Stockholm apartment

Real Estate

We have a proven track record of supporting real estate companies in connecting their business plans to everyday operations. A proactive way of working supported by our SaaS application Howwe enables the full potential of your organization.

Production wood

Industrial & Manfacturing Companies

Many of the companies we support within the manufacturing and industrial sector struggle with implementation of their interdivisional and global transformation projects.  With massive organizations, aligning the whole organization and making the business plan actionable on all levels is challenging.

mat napo kQrBavaF Fk unsplash scaled Launch of the book "Strategy Acceleration" by Founder Ulf Arnetz Strategy Acceleration


Howwe supports many of the world’s largest healthcare companies, such as MSD, Novo Nordisk, Amgen and GE Healthcare. Using Howwe, our customers achieve both organization-wide transformation and acceleration of financial results.