New name – same way of working

AKPI becomes Key Activity

Our mission is to radically improve the user experience of strategy execution. To achieve this, your experience in Howwe® must be as easy as possible. What makes our methodology with its three disciplines unique, is its simplicity. It’s that simplicity that keeps you on track towards your goal, guides you through the jungle of tasks, and keeps you going week after week. Your focus should be on your achievements and goals, and not get caught up by potential distractions such as a confusing feature name. In-depth analysis and interviews with our users have shown that Acceleration KPIs, also known as AKPI’s, creates more confusion than necessary.

That’s why we decided to simplify the naming concept and call things by their real name. Acceleration KPIs, also known as AKPI’s, become Key Activities.

AKPI’s are part of the second discipline of acceleration; Steer & Measure, which is all about choosing the most impactful activities – your key activities – to focus on that directly influence your Most Important Goal. That’s why the name going forward will be Key Activities.

Some of you are using the Beta version of MItems. For the same reason, MItems will also go under the name Key Activities. In other words, Key Activities can either be based on recurring activities (like the current AKPI) or be project-based in sprints. All Key Activities are visualized and followed-up upon in the dashboard during your Acceleration meeting.

How the name change will affect you and your work in Howwe

Basically, it won’t. Instead of AKPI on your dashboard, it will read Key Activities. Our sole purpose with this name change is to make it easier for you and your colleagues to succeed with Howwe by focusing on the right activities – your Key Activities.

Key Activities will be put into action on March 10th

On March 10th AKPI will be replaced with Key Activity in Howwe® and other platforms such as in the Howwe® Academy where you can learn more about how to work with your Key Activities and all other parts of the three disciplines of acceleration.

If you have any additional questions,  you’re more than welcome to contact our Customer Success Department via the chat in the right-hand corner. We’re here for you if have any additional questions about this or anything else!

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