A proactive way of working to accelerate growth.


Prioritize & Align

Our method and software help leaders and managers to prioritize the most important goals for growth, and align them throughout all levels of the organization. Clarity is key.

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Steer & Measure

When the goals are set, the activities driving growth are identified, so that leaders can steer and support teams in order to reach their goals. In time.

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Commit & Visualize

The leader’s tool to visualize progress and empower all teams to proactively commit to actions and follow up on the outcome. 15 minutes a week is all it takes.


A goal is great – but how will you get there?

Looking at lag measures helps you evaluate the past, not change it.
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Progress all week, every week.

With Howwe®, all teams in your organization focus on making progress on the activities driving growth on the Most Important Goals. We call these Key Activities.

Be relentless about the Key Activities

Let each team identify the Key Activities that will help them focus on critical activities on a weekly basis.


Share your progress

Reaching your goal is a team effort. Howwe® make everybody’s contribution visible to boost engagement and accountability – you’re in it together!


We know you have the answer!

Your team probably already knows what their Key Activities could be. We won’t give you any blueprints, but we’re happy to share some magic tricks that will help you.