Accelerate your growth and become a truly Business Agile company.


Align your department towards your most important goals by giving your teams a way to visualize and make true progress.


Give your team an edge when executing on your strategy and reaching your goals.


Strategy is the foundation of any company, yet most strategies fail in execution. Howwe® helps you make strategy actionable to all levels of the organization – not just the c-suite. Simply accelerating your strategy.

Perfect timing? No such thing!

There’s no such thing as the perfect timing, that’s why we automated the onboarding journey. With Howwe®, you easily get all departments, leaders, and employees on up and running to execute on your strategy within only a matter of weeks. With the implementation of Howwe®, alignment and progress become truly achievable, instead of an obscure management buzzword.

Become Superusers

All organizations have their rising stars, not the least when it comes to strategy. With Howwe Academy your stars have the ability to become Superusers within the Howwe® Way of Working, ensuring that your organization stays aligned towards your top priorities indefinitely.



Goal steering is often associated with endless hours of needless reporting of deviations. With Howwe® you are able to digitize your goal steering and make sure that your goals, activities that drive them, and stay relevant with changing circumstances and demands.

Clear picture of your strategy

With Howwe® you empower your teams, leaders, and employees to have a clear picture of your strategy. Through Howwe® you are able to easily get a visualized overview of all the teams’ progress and finished tasks at a glance in the platform. This empowers all leaders to create focus and accountability within the teams. Transparency is the name of the game.


As a team, it is more often than not difficult to know how to make true progress towards your set goals. The Howwe® Way of Working is a clear and straightforward methodology which does not tell you how to do your job, but assists you in finding what is the most important to you and your team.

Tools that will assist you

There is no right or wrong answer in what makes a good leader – it’s usually up to the organization or team in question to answer. In Howwe® you will find tools that will assist you in your role as a leader. The Way of Working makes commitment a natural part of your work processes, letting you focus on developing as a leader together with your team.

True engagement

Knowing if your progress is making an impact on a large organizations’ goals is usually hard to determine. The visualization of your teams’, departments’, and organizations’ progress in Howwe makes it crystal clear if you are having an impact or not. This creates true engagement on all levels for the common purpose of creating the value which you all strive to achieve, together.