Howwe Pricing

Our pricing is flexible. The license model is scalable based on your company size. The speed at which you aim to start accelerating your growth determines your choice of support plan. Select the support plan that suits you.

Don’t be a stranger. We’ll guide you to the best solution to fit your company’s needs.

Up to 25x ROI

Our customers experience a Return on Investment up to 25 times on EBIT vs Investment in the first 12 months.

30% Acceleration

Guaranteed minimum acceleration of the Key activities driving growth.





Customer Success Support
Academy Courses 
Digital Onboarding
Database MIG & Key Activities

Data-driven Insights

Acceleration Program for leaders

Want to know more about how Howwe enables a proactive way of working and empowers the execution of strategy on all levels of the organization? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Want to know more about how Howwe enables a proactive way of working and empowers the execution of strategy on all levels of the organization? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Experience the difference with Howwe

This is some of the results you will experience after using  Howwe for four months only. If you’re not convinced, you’re free to go (but we clearly doubt you will).

Benefits after 4 months using Howwe

  • 30% acceleration of the activities driving growth on the MIGs
  • Prioritized and fully aligned goals throughout the company
  • Clarity on everyone’s Key Activities
  • The emerging culture of commitment
  • Systemized and visualized goal steering making the progress transparent
  • Ability to adapt to both internal and external disruption

After 12 months you will also have:

  • An ROI 3.5+
  • Increased eNPS
  • Delivered on your full financial potential

Howwe accelerated growth for Hertz

Hertz started working in Howwe 2018 with the goal of accelerating their strategy. These are the results they achieved.

Howwe onboarding is fully automated

Every day, we strive to make things easy and actionable for some of the largest organizations in the world. Why? Because we want them to accelerate in what they do. That’s we made sure to develop a fully integrated onboarding experience that is 100% digital, self-learning, and automated. Above all, ut’s quick and easy and will allow you to put your focus where it belongs – on accelerating growth. 

To your help, you have Academy courses, a MIG and Key Activity Database and Data-driven Insights.


Academy picture

Get a quick start with our Academy courses

Get introduced to the main concepts of the Howwe Way of Working in an easily digestible format. You’re guided through a short course offered in several different formats; text, video, and audio. The choice is yours.

After the short, digital course you will have all the know-how you need about how Howwe can help you, your team and the organization to achieve the Most Important Goals (MIGs).

All customers gain access to the Academy Courses.


Take part of best practice with our MIG and Key Activity Database

Setting really good Most Important Goals and Key Activities is important, but not always easy. Truly nailing it can make magic. That’s why we gathered insights from years of experience and narrowed it down to the true best practices. The result is the MIG and Key Activity Database. You’ll find team-specific goals and key activities with proven acceleration.

Get inspired and steal with pride if you find a pre-set that can make your team accelerate.

By using Howwe we are able to easily prioritize, follow up and maintain focus on the most important activities with the most ROI. Howwe also creates a deeper understanding among leaders and employees of what creates real success and that everyone is updated on the goal progress.
Lars Kry


We realized that if we didn’t adjust to the new reality, we wouldn’t stay competitive. However, to dare to be offensive, I needed to be able to measure the result.


Jacob Tellgren

Vice President & Head of Nordic and Baltic Region, MSD


Questions about Howwe

Working in Howwe is easy, but once in a while we get questions. Here are the most common ones. You can also use the chat in the right hand corner if you have a question you cannot find below.

How long is implementation?

Onboarding is all out you getting to your desired results. There are no integrations or other technical set-ups to worry about. No matter what price plan you chose, onboarding is digital, quick, and easy. It requires minimal time from the organization to get started. Two hours from every team is all it takes.

Do you offer a free trial period?

Strategy execution requires dedication from you and from us in order to ensure quality and success. That’s why we don’t believe in free trials. However, we do offer a pilot where you can get test our software and the the Howwe way of working in a selected team or department in your organization during a four months period. We feel confident that the results you will see during the proof of concept will speak for themselves.

Is there anywhere where we can read up on the methodology?

Sure. You can get a brief outlook of our proactive way of working and learn how it works here. Once you’ve decided to get started and become a customer you will get access to our Academy Courses where we offer short courses to easily get you started.

We offer plenty of other resources that support you to maximize your results, such as the MIG and Key Activity Database, Data-driven Insights and an Acceleration Program for leaders.

Does all organizations benefit from Howwe?

Do you have several teams, department and leaders? And you want to accelerate your growth? Then you will most certainly benefit from Howwe. We’ve seen success across all sectors and industries. Do you want to see some examples? Check out some of our customers.

Who is Howwe for?

Howwe is a platform for all levels of an organization. You easily get all departments, leaders, and employees up and running. They will execute on the most important goals within a matter of weeks. The visualization of your teams’, departments’, and organizations’ progress makes it crystal clear if their activities is having an impact on the most important goals or not. This creates true engagement on all levels for the common purpose of creating the value which you all strive to achieve, together.

How to get started with Howwe?

First, we show you the software where the magic happens. We introduce you to the proactive way of working and look at the results you can achieve based on your needs. Just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you and schedule a web meeting.

What is the price for Howwe?

The price model is flexible with a license fee based on your company size. We offer the price plans Fast, Rapid and Accelerated, depending on the support level you prefer and the speed at which you aim to accelerate your growth. If you want to achieve quick growth towards your prioritized goals, the price plan Accelerated is for you.

Are there any additional costs?

The pricing plans are based on the amount of support you desire, which in turn depends on how fast you want to start accelerating growth. No matter what plan you choose, it is transparent and with no additional costs.

How do employees normally experience the onboarding?

Working in Howwe results in a variety of benefits on all levels of the organization. Companies today tend to be cluttered with too many projects and initiatives. Instead of creating growth, they often end up creating high levels of uncertainty and stress. On a C-level, Howwe helps you to make strategies actionable for everyone, with financial growth as the outcome. Among employees, there’s an increase in commitment, engagement and involvement. For the first time, many feel a connection to the company’s overarching goals. They know what to do, how to do it and why it matters. The clarity they experience leads to way less stress. In general, there’s a significant increase in the eNPS among our customers.

Howwe accelerate growth

Change come fast and often unexpected. With disruption around every corner, it is crucial to adjust and align quickly. Howwe enables a proactive way of working that keeps you on top of your goals, no matter what happens.

It all starts with the leaders - Accountability
Create efficiency and focus for management

Vertical steering - Speed
Make your goals actionable throughout the entire organization

Horizontal steering - Alignment
Improve cross-functional collabration

5 second rule - Transparency
Visualize progress and identify the Key Activities that are driving the Most Important Goals

steg 4 Pricing Pricing

What are you waiting for?

Howwe is a market-leading software for strategy acceleration

With Howwe companies are able to align their strategy and workforce and identify what needs to be prioritized to reach their Most Important Goals.