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Benefits of joining our journey

Our benefits reflect our inclusive values and are extended to every employee at our leading software company, regardless of your location or seniority.

The end customer’s business challenges

According to Gartner, MIT, etc.
≈ 90% of all strategy executions fails or are very delayed
≈ 90% can’t track the execution and connect to top/bottom line 
≈ 3% of all CEOs/Presidents are using a digital application

  • The strategy includes goals for improved shareholder value, revenue and profit, which is what the board and the CEO is measured on. The needed behavior change, as well as the financial results are delayed versus the planed timeline


  • The strategy, business plan or Most Important is decided and during the execution happens disruption and the whole organization must partly change focus and it takes quarters sometimes years until all employees changed focus

The typical Howwe buyer and customer

Howwe has small, mid size and large customers where the CEO/President/ Regional manager has bought the application and rolled it out to all executives, managers, team leaders and employees. The references are within all markets and some of them are Novo Nordisk, Spotify, GE, IKEA, H&M, MSD/Merck and Atlas Copco.


Every customer had a need of a complementary strategy execution and invested in Howwe(R) for:

  • Measurable strategy execution for Most Important including a significant shortened timeline and/or faster re-focus based on disruption
  • A true Top-Down/Bottom-Up process which starts from the Board/CEO’s strategic and financial demands, but also involves and motivates all employees 
  • ROI > 7-25 x already within 12 months
  • Improved proactivity and Employee Satisfaction Scores

This is what Howwe unique

  • Developed from a CEO and business perspective for the CEO, but also for all managers and especially the employees.
  • The onboarding, including alignment, buy-in and ”politics” takes 6 weeks (600 users) to 3 months (15,000 users). That means that the whole organization has 9-10,5 months to accelerate the execution week after week
    • To be compared with quarters or years with no application, or use of an application that is not specifically done for accelerated execution
  • Measurable acceleration and ROI from all customers. ROI is 7-25 < 12 months
  • Built in business support from 10,000+ customers, role-based Automated Intelligence, Insights, How Library, etc.

Assumptions and Business Case for you (based on 40% in average of the end customer prices)

  1. Your invested time to trust Howwe Technologies,  and Howwe
  2. Assessment Test education: 1 hour
  3. Book meeting #1 with the CEO, President or Regional manager (large P&L)
  4. Book meeting #2 (Report back the results to the CEO/President)
    • Percentage chance the CEO has to execute on time
    • The gap between financial goals and needed initiatives
    • Start to facilitate the gaps, i.e., needed initiatives
  5. Agree about paid consulting for continuing the mapping and book next meeting
  • If needed, Howwe will do a customized demo if and when you ask for it
  • If the customer wants Howwe, we will help you in presale and in the first 2-3 customer delivery processes


Skarmavbild 2022 12 14 kl. 22.07.42 Partner Summary leading software company

Skarmavbild 2022 12 14 kl. 22.07.42 Partner Summary leading software company

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