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Johan Grönstedt

Johan Grönstedt is a driven optimist who cares deeply about fueling the aspirations of others with the cutting edge insights to make them possible! With a vision to change the way businesses think, feel and execute strategy, Johan and his team work to unify the latest and greatest scientific evidence from the fields of economy, psychology & management with the best practices of real-life leaders around the world. The aim is to fundamentally transform the user experience of strategy execution to accelerate growth, for individuals as much as for organizations.

Lovingly known as Dr. Grön, Johan is not a doctor in any traditional sense. Rather, as a doctor acknowledges a sickness and guides the patient through evidence-based discussions around the pros and cons of treatment options, he takes pride in offering the same to business leaders. Everyone can have an opinion, Dr. Grön strives for finding and spreading truths.

Johan is the Chief Strategy Officer for Howwe, bridging the gap between Business and Tech, pioneering the first wave of technical solutions to unsolved business challenges. He has guided hundreds of teams through the practices of Acceleration and is today a popular Key Note Speaker around the world.

Specialties: Strategy Execution & Enterprise Acceleration, Business Development, C-suite Advisor, Project Management, Tech Product Development, SaaSFeel free to get in touch via LinkedIn or 

Articles, blog posts, and videos with Dr. Grön.

Q&A from CEO Forum: “Pick your path – the role of the modern leader”

Patrik Parnfors, Vice President at Howwe Technologies and moderator of the forum, together with the panelists Kajsa Hedberg, CEO of St1 Biogas, Jonas Hernborg, CEO of Elitfönster, and Klas Tockling, Vice President of Caverion Sweden, answering your questions. The...

The CEO’s Must-Have Tool to Achieve Business Goals

You need to be properly equipped to succeed. Your life as a CEO will be a lot easier if you make sure you are equipped to drive your projects before you start executing them. 89% of organizations don’t have an application for implementing and executing the business plan. So, how can you be properly equipped as a CEO? The answer is spelled Howwe. Howwe is often described as a revolutionary innovation (and hey, we won’t argue). It creates a proactive way of working, making everyone in your organization involved and engaged in the journey towards the goals.

Interview Novo Nordisk – why did they start working with strategy acceleration and what are the results

The global pharmatheutical company Novo Nordisk chose Sweden to be a pilot country for a new way to execute strategy. There had previously been frustration in management that whenever we came up with a strategy, large parts of it did not succeed. They managed to execute in certain areas, but failed in others — they simply wanted our strategy to have a larger and faster impact. Learn about their journey with Howwe in this interview.

Acceleration Software and the History of Strategy Execution Software – #3 The Proactive era

This is the third and last blog post in a series by Johan Grönstedt, Chief Strategy Officer at Howwe Technologies. He covers all you need to know about Strategy Execution trends and platforms. #3 The Proactive EraThis blog series had its starting point in the...

Acceleration Software and the History of Strategy Execution Software – #2 The Real-time Era

In this blog series Johan Grönstedt, Chief Strategy Officer at Howwe Technologies, covers all you need to know about Strategy Execution trends and platforms. In a series of three blog posts, we'll dig into the history of strategy execution, trends, and platforms....

Acceleration Software and the History of Strategy Execution Software – #1 The Reactive Era

Johan Grönstedt, Chief Strategy Officer, covers all you need to know about Strategy Execution trends and platforms, starting with the emergence of the digital era, also knows as the Reactive era. In a series of three blog posts, we'll dig into the history of strategy...

How ICA became Business Agile; interview with Liv Forhaug Chief Strategy Officer

ICA, a large grocery company, is facing many exciting opportunities and challenges. To be able to adapt to rapid changes in the market and create flexibility, ICA has introduced agile working methods in several parts of the company. This interview will cover their approach to working agile and how they apply it.

Future-spotting: Business Agile

Future-spotting – Business agility! We believe that focus on better control and measuring will increase. Using tools to measure both outcome and progress will most likely be integrated into every organization. We have just seen the beginning of this. Here’s is our trend-spotting report.

How to make money on strategy execution

This blog post is about money. We will demonstrate how capitalization—i.e. the ability to make money on the strategy execution—is faster with strategy acceleration. You will see that the method is much more profitable than traditional strategy execution. In an easy and practical way, we will explain why this is the case, and how you can think about the financial results of the strategy execution.

How to become relentless – what you need to do to be able to keep going

If you’ve read this far in our blog series you have the knowledge and tools to truly accelerate your strategy. If you’re already applied the advice, a lot of things have probably happened within your organization. You’ve most likely found new engagement among the teams and the result of the work is might already visible in the “bottom line”. It’s time to shift your focus. Now, it’s important to continue the work and have the strength and stamina to keep going. In this post, we’ll explore what you and your organization need to do to be able to keep going.

Howwe is a market-leading software for strategy acceleration

With Howwe companies are able to align their strategy and workforce and identify what needs to be prioritized to reach their Most Important Goals.