Chief Strategy Officer at Howwe Technologies

Meet Johan Grönstedt

Meet Johan Grönstedt

Johan Grönstedt

-Johan Grönstedt is a driven optimist who cares deeply about fueling the aspirations of others with the cutting edge insights to make them possible! With a vision to change the way businesses think, feel and execute strategy, Johan and his team work to unify the latest and greatest scientific evidence from the fields of economy, psychology & management with the best practices of real-life leaders around the world. The aim is to fundamentally transform the user experience of strategy execution to accelerate growth, for individuals as much as for organizations.

Lovingly known as Dr. Grön, Johan Grönstedt is not a doctor in any traditional sense. Rather, as a doctor acknowledges a sickness and guides the patient through evidence-based discussions around the pros and cons of treatment options, he takes pride in offering the same to business leaders. Everyone can have an opinion, Dr. Grön strives for finding and spreading truths.

Johan Grönstedt is the Chief Strategy Officer for Howwe, bridging the gap between Business and Tech, pioneering the first wave of technical solutions to unsolved business challenges. He has guided hundreds of teams through the practices of Acceleration and is today a popular Key Note Speaker around the world.

Specialties: Strategy Execution & Enterprise Acceleration, Business Development, C-suite Advisor, Project Management, Tech Product Development, SaaSFeel free to get in touch via LinkedIn, search for Johan Grönstedt, or via e-mail to

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Howwe is a way of working to make your strategy and business plan come alive, facilitated by an application. Changing the way you work and adopting the Howwe Way of Working takes some commitment, but in combination with our application, knowing what to do each week...

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Howwe is a market-leading software for strategy acceleration

Johan Grönstedt is the CSO at Howwe. With Howwe companies are able to align their strategy and workforce and identify what needs to be prioritized to reach their Most Important Goals. See how it works.