Howwe - Driving Growth in Retail

Howwe is an execution platform that supports retail companies, delivering sustainable financial growth year after year. We know the retail industry and its unique needs and are committed to staying on top of trends in this constantly changing industry. With Howwe as a shared platform, employees get everything they need to steer their focus on results, turn plans into actions across departments from top to bottom and unlock their full potential for growth.

To achieve your goals, you need to work smarter, not harder. Howwe gets you there.

Patrik Parnfors

The world is changing fast. Your organization needs to change even faster. We are Howwe Technologies, and we’re here to help you get things done!

Technical and external disruptions have had their toll on the retail industry and many retail businesses are in need of fast transformation and digitalization. Howwe supports mid-size to large organizations to achieve both organization-wide transformation and acceleration of financial results. Let me show you what Howwe can do for your organization.”

Michael Sjödin

Senior Vice President, Howwe Technologies

Some of the benefits of using Howwe for retail businesses


Clear priorities to succeed with your omnichannel strategy faster

Streamline operations across the organization without spending too much time on getting everyone on the same page. Howwe prioritizes what’s most important to ensure clarity and alignment across all functions. Getting everyone to focus on the right things will give you faster execution and results for your omnichannel strategy. Get insights from real-time data visualizations so you and all teams in your organization can make smarter decisions about how to prioritize going forward.



Increase proactivity and operational efficiency

Execute proactively at every level. Connect the dots between strategy and execution at scale and give staff the opportunity to both understand, contribute and commit to reaching the goals. Proactively maintain positive momentum through easy reporting on company performance. Get a shared view of weekly work goals and progress across all levels of the organization, giving leaders a chance to proactively adjust where needed. In other words, operational excellence. 



Stay Ahead of Competition

With Howwe, retailers are smarter about where they invest time and money. It supports specific industry-related needs such as brand identity, market positioning, and financial acceleration. Using Howwe, you can focus on doing what you do best — growing your company! Having a shared view of goal progress where everyone is involved, aligned, and committed to contributing eliminates the need for costly reconciliations across departments, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.


Some of our customers’ ROI

When we say that the results in Howwe are measurable and provable – we mean it. Here are some examples of the return on investment that two of our amazing customers have achieved in financial acceleration in their first 12 months of using Howwe.


ROI = 20*

Customer since 2017


ROI = 25*

Customer since 2020

*Return on investment in the first 12 months calculated on EBIT outcome through heavily accelerated financial improvement

Meet some of our customers

It’s one thing when we say how amazing Howwe is when it comes to financial acceleration. It’s another when our customers say it. Get to know some of our customers and hear them talk about their experiences using Howwe.

How do you succeed as CEO with the company’s Most Important Goals – in time?

Jacob Tellgren

“We realized that if we didn’t adjust to the new reality, we wouldn’t stay competitive. However, to dare to be offensive, I needed to be able to measure the result.”

Jacob Tellgren

Vice President & Head of Nordic and Baltic Region, MSD


Jacob Tellgren

“We use Howwe as the goal steering tool in our daily work in order to prioritize and focus on the right activities to achieve our budget and our most important financial goals. Howwe has clarified our focus, increased the individual’s responsibility and makes it easier to create a common view and understanding of what is important.”

Lars Schenatz

CEO, Tamro Sweden


lars schenatz updated 4 Howwe for Retail financial acceleration
1800 x 1300 Nils Abel bonde

“We now have a method and a structure that work and we feel we have a 100% “buy-in” from everyone. We see that the acceleration method has fundamentally changed the way we view how to succeed with strategy execution. We have found a method that works for us and we will continue working according to it and we see it as a part of our everyday operations.

Nils Abel Bonde

Managing Director, Novo Nordisk


1800 x 1300 Nils Abel bonde

Who is Howwe for?

Do you have several teams, departments, and leaders? And you want financial acceleration? Then you will most certainly benefit from Howwe. We’ve seen success across all sectors and industries. Do you want to see some examples? Check out some of our customers or explore some of the other sectors we support below. 

Stockholm apartment

Real Estate

We have a proven track record of supporting real estate companies in connecting their business plans to everyday operations. A proactive way of working supported by our SaaS application Howwe enables the full potential of your organization.

Production wood

Industrial & Manfacturing Companies

Many of the companies we support within the manufacturing and industrial sector struggle with implementation of their interdivisional and global transformation projects.  With massive organizations, aligning the whole organization and making the business plan actionable on all levels is challenging.

mat napo kQrBavaF Fk unsplash scaled Howwe for Retail financial acceleration


Howwe supports many of the world’s largest healthcare companies when it comes to financial acceleration, such as MSD, Novo Nordisk, Amgen and GE Healthcare. Using Howwe, our customers achieve both organization-wide transformation and acceleration of financial results.

Do you want to accelerate your growth?

Want to know more about how Howwe enables financial acceleration and a proactive way of working and empowers the execution of strategy on all levels of the organization? We’re happy to show you!