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Although Strategy Acceleration is easy to understand, it can be tricky to fully master.
That’s why, just as the discipline of Business Agility, this concept has to stay flexible and improve.

The Howwe Community serves to keep pushing the frontier of Business Agility, growth, and Strategy Acceleration. And you are invited to help out.

Howwe_Icons_Black_RGB_MIG update Most Important Goal 

MIG stands for Most Important Goal, and indicates the top priority a team, department, or company wants to achieve. A team has a maximum of two MIG at any time, all of which aim to reinforce the overarching company MIG.

Each manager sets a MIG for their team in collaboration with the team members. It should be measurable by month or quarter, within reach for the team to achieve, and ladder up to the overall company MIG. Senior managers can veto a MIG, but they cannot decide it for themselves without team participation.

A MIG takes priority over other existing goals that you may have. Being clear and knowing what to prioritize leaves more time to focus on the outcomes of your actions.

There are a few guidelines to help enable team success:

  1. No team should focus on more than two MIGs at a time
  2. Each MIG should have a clear, measurable target and timeline.
  3. Each employee can provide input on the MIG for their team
  4. Each MIG should ladder up to or influence the company’s overarching MIG

Howwe_Icons_Black_RGB_AKPI Key Activities

Each week you will have Key Activities to complete in pursuit of your team’s MIG. The Key Activity could be one of three types of tasks, behaviors, or activities: 1) something we often talk about but never do; 2) something we already do but need to do more of; or 3) something that you’ve stopped doing but need to start doing again.

The difference between Key Activities and other daily tasks or activities is that Key Activities corresponds directly to the MIG. By measuring Key Activities on a continuous basis you increase the likelihood of achieving the MIG. This makes it easier to know if your goals are achieved by the end of the set period. This means that the purpose of your Key Activity is not to completely drive all that you’re measured on, but only your Most Important Goals.

Just as with MIG, having too many Key Activities would be counterproductive towards prioritizing the right things. However, just as MIG can vary a lot, so can the Key Activity that correspond to those goals. That’s why you could have more than one Key Activity that drive progress towards one of your MIG.


CommiAcceleration Meeting

The Acceleration Meeting is all about effectiveness. This is the 15 minute check-in each week for your team to reflect on AKPI results to date and discuss next actions in pursuit of your MIG.

Acceleration Meetings help your team to take a break from day-to-day execution and take time to focus on the long-term strategy. This meeting is an important part of your teams’ development and highly relevant to your overall progress. Make sure to prioritize this meeting and have each team member every week.

As the team manager, you will lead the meeting and share the Howwe dashboard for everyone to see.

The team manager leads the meeting and shares the Howwe® dashboard for everyone present. And it’s the same agenda every week:

  • How are we performing relative to each MIG? As a team and individuals?
  • How did we perform during the previous period?
  • How are we doing relative to targets and AKPIs over time?
  • What are our commitments this coming week?
  • Summarize the teams overall commitments for the coming week.

Even though the Acceleration Meeting will become a routine weekly meeting for you, it will not feel like it, as it has a very precise purpose of visualizing your progress towards your MIG. The Acceleration Meeting is also an opportunity for team members to share what they’re learning and any best practices that can help others.

The transparency of this Way of Working will not only show you better results on your goals, but also through clarity raise the team spirit of your team.

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