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How Novo Nordisk and Orbit One Simplified there Growth Journey

Novo Nordisk

How Novo Nordisk Created Alignment in the Organization

Nils Abel Bonde, VP at Novo Nordisk, acknowledges Howwe’s significance in cultivating organizational alignment. He emphasizes the pivotal role of clear goals in driving robust growth, attributing Novo Nordisk’s success to Howwe’s ability to provide clarity and coherence. Bonde speaks optimistically about sustained growth, portraying Howwe as a key contributor to maintaining and enhancing the company’s upward trajectory.

Orbit One

How Orbit One Unlocked Strategic Focus

Mattias Lindhe, CEO at Orbit One, underscores Howwe’s pivotal role in goal achievement, expressing how the software redirects focus from operations to strategic objectives. He credits Howwe for not just reaching goals but exceeding them. According to Lindhe, Howwe serves as a strategic compass, aligning the team’s efforts with precision toward overarching objectives.