Howwe® accelerated growth for 




Hertz started working in Howwe® 2018 with the goal of accelerating their strategy. The most important priorities to address was to increase EBIT, Net Promoter Score (NPS), reduce unbilled damages and decrease incoming customer service cases. Here are the results they achieved. 






Return on Investment calculated on EBIT: x5.8

+14 NPS 

Increased Customer satisfaction (NPS) from 39 to 51

+15 MSEK

Increased EBIT due to increased charged damages 





Three disciplines of accelerated growth

Hertz reached the results by using the three disciplines of acceleration in Howwe®

Prioritize & Align

The first step was to prioritize and decide the Most Important Goals based on the most important financial KPI – to grow EBIT.

The next step was to align the organization to support the overall most important goals in order to create focus, accountability and free up time.

In only three weeks the organization was up and running. 


Steer & Measure

The teams created Key Activities – which lead to a proactive behavior that accelerated their progress towards the most important goals.

Each team performed their Key Activities on a weekly basis. The Key Activities account for about 10-20% of available time. Leaders steer and support their teams in order to reach their goals – in time. 

See what activities Hertz chose to accelerate growth – and the result they achieved below. 

Commit & Visualize

All functions and teams started with a weekly acceleration meeting. Within three weeks, 90% of all teams were up and running and moreover started to them self-drive the meeting agenda and to adjust the Key Activities in order to achieve even better results.

CEO and management team noticed a much stronger commitment around goals and a willingness to be a part of the journey. Seeing the progress, visualizing the goal steering, and creating transparency created great accountability but also increased team spirit.

Identified Key Activities 

Result of weekly commitments of the key activities – actual vs historic

Measuring the activities and the impact they have on the most important goal clearly proves the acceleration of growth. Hertz achieved the following acceleration on their chosen key activities, compared to the historic baseline. 

Ensure documentation & pictures of damage

Damage control – together with customer

Training – Treatment of returning customer

Analyse & identify recurring types of support cases






Results on overall Key Activities


Actual vs. Historic baseline 


Average Acceleration Across all Key Activities  


Actual vs. Goal baseline


Average Goal Fulfillment Across all Key Activities 

Additional impact on the organization

  • Increased cross-functionality & co-operation between HQ, support functions & operation
  • According to the CEO and management team, the leaders are now much more proactive and engaged in the everyday goal steering
  • They also noticed a boosted engagement and over-all higher accountability, ultimately resulting in increased team spirit.

Do you want to accelerate your growth?

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