GrowthOS vs. WorkOS


While many software out there used in daily work is designed to support employees, called WorkOS, they don’t actually drive progress towards your goals to actively make them happen.

A WorkOS captures 100% of the users’ time and supports the users’ current processes.

The consequences?

Leaders can’t prioritize.

Organisations become cluttered.

CEO’s can’t execute strategy.



Growth Operating System - Howwe

Growth Operating System – GrowthOS

A Growth Operating System, called GrowthOS, captures 10% of users’ time and supports only what’s Most Important.

Howwe is a GrowthOS that supports you to achieve your business-critical initiatives with measurable financial improvements. Howwe enables a proactive way of working and empowers the execution of strategy on all levels of the organization.

The result?

30% acceleration on the mission critical behaviors aligned to the strategy.

Heavily improved financial performance leading to a ROI between 3.5-20x already in the first 12 months.

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Watch our 4min video to learn more about the differences between WorkOS and GrowthOS.


Howwe® is a market-leading software for strategy acceleration

With Howwe® companies are able to align their strategy and workforce and identify what needs to be prioritized to reach their Most Important Goals. See how it works.