The third and fourth components, Key Activities and Acceleration Meetings, form the execution part of our methodology. They answer the questions of what we DO in order to focus our efforts and how we sustain change and maintain momentum over time.

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Be relentless about the Key Activities

Key Activities is about identifying your high-impact actions. It’s based on the principle that a small number of activities will drive the majority of your results. It’s essential to identify these high-leverage activities and focus your efforts there.

Share your progress

Reaching your goal is a team effort. Howwe’s business strategy execution software make everybody’s contribution visible to boost engagement and accountability – you’re in it together!
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To make sure you make progress on your Key Activities to reach your Most Important Goals, a focused meeting a week is all you need.
We call these Acceleration Meetings – they only take 15 minutes.

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Stay commited to your goals and actions

Acceleration Meetings is about fostering a culture of commitment and propelling real change. 

Visualize your progress

It’s a team process that brings to light the successes and failures, enabling course correction and continuous improvement. It’s about creating a rhythm of accountability and progress, driving the organization towards its Most Important Goals.

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