Executing strategy for results – Howwe accelerated growth for Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk, a leading global healthcare company headquartered in Denmark, was struggling to maintain its market leadership and, despite its revenue growth, it was losing market share as competitors were moving faster.




To win, the company urgently needed to implement a payer centric & cross functional account approach. As with most our customers they knew what they wanted to do, but the performance management system in place didn’t affect the change needed (PowerPoint and silo-based leadership).

From the implementation of Howwe in March 2018, Novo Nordisk has been able to align its teams around its growth vision and improve collaboration between Top Management and Sales Executives (done May 2018). As a result, Novo Nordisk changed from 5 years declining market shares to improving within 8 months and managed to grow its market share by 8% (+$23M) in only 2 years. This was the first initiative for Novo Nordisk, but Howwe is today used by the whole organization as the execution application for the strategy and business plan.

Niels Abel Bonde

Niels Abel Bonde

GM, Novo Nordisk Sweden


Novo Nordisk has achieved a strong growth since they started using Howwe. In this video, Niels Abel Bonde, CEO at Novo Nordisk, talks about the journey with Howwe and the effect it has had on the organizational alignment and focus on what’s most important. 

Three Disciplines for Acceleration of Growth

Novo Nordisk reached their financial goals by using the three disciplines of acceleration in Howwe


PRIORITIZE ALIGN ORANGE Customer case Novo Nordisk

Prioritize & Align

The first step was to prioritize and decide the Most Important Goals based on the most important financial KPI – to increase market share.

The next step was to align the organization to support the overall most important goals in order to create focus, accountability and facilitate cross-functional collaboration.


STEER MEASURE ORANGE Customer case Novo Nordisk

Steer & Measure

The teams created Key Activities – which lead to a proactive behavior that accelerated their progress towards the Most Important Goals.

Each team performed their Key Activities on a weekly basis. The Key Activities account for about 10-20% of available time. Leaders steer and support their teams in order to reach their goals – in time. 

COMMIT FOLLOWUP ORANGE Customer case Novo Nordisk

Commit & Visualize

All functions and teams started with weekly Acceleration Meetings. Within a few weeks, the teams were up and running. The meetings lay the foundation for a commitment culture, increased engagement, alignment and involvement in the company’s goals. It helped the organization to focus on the Key Activities and achieve better results.

Execute your strategy faster with a more secure outcome. 

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