Playbook for growth

CEO Playbook for Growth

The ultimate guide on how to accelerate growth and thrive through disruption

Johan Grönstedt

Johan Grönstedt

Chief Strategy Officer

Your Toolset for Success

After reading the CEO Playbook for Growth, you as the CEO will have a new toolset to enable yourself, your leaders, and your employees to leverage three pragmatic practices to accelerate the execution of your business plan in a disrupted and remote environment. It will probably change your way of working to the core. And believe us, it’s not a day too late.

What is strategy acceleration and how do you succeed with strategy execution. The audience is lined up to learn how

Measurable and proven acceleration of growth


of our clients succeed in achieving an ROI between 3.5 to 9 (Return on Investment calculated on EBIT)


of our clients succeed in achieving an ROI between 10 to 25 (Return on Investment calculated on EBIT)

Featured Case Studies

We have many amazing customers from various industries all over the world. One thing unites them – they all achieve acceleration of growth using Howwe. Explore their journeys with Howwe here. 


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